Date Submitted: 12/5/2014
Paradise Lost Research Cluster Director, HTS Faculty and Intermediate Unit Master, Mark Campbell, gave a series of lectures on the relationship between technology and architecture as a Visiting Professor of Architecture at South-Eastern University, Nanjing. 
While in China, Mark also gave public lectures on work of the Paradise Lost Research Cluster and Intermediate Unit 1.
Image: Jong-Wa Na, New Liberty Township, NY.
Date Submitted: 29/4/2014

Friday 2nd May and Saturday 3 May 20:30 Leopold Museum, Vienna

Tommy used processing with a set of light algorithms to produce animations parallel to the dance movements.




Contingencies searches for differences. For example those which every individual can find as an unexpected divergence in habitual movement sequences, or those that develop within a group of performers. Here are the possibilities, potentials and coincidences that Contingencies give rise to as ever new structures and processes of being together. Here multilayered and simultaneous temporalities are practiced and become perceptible; light, music and architecture intervene independently in these events.

For Contingencies the relationship between space and body, bodies and spaces, and the exploration of architecture as a performative element is important. Thus at different venues, as here for the Leopold Museum, variants of the choreographic series that are specific to each venue are developed. As a work Contingencies always maintains the difference to itself. The togetherness of the group but also the performers’ relationship to the audience is constantly renegotiated.

Tommy's website http://www.tommyhuihk.com/

Details about the performance - http://www.tqw.at/en/node/9699#

Date Submitted: 24/4/2014

Kostas Grigoriadis (Diploma 2) will be presenting research papers on material continuity and the simulation of material properties at the ESARQ conference at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (4-6 June) and at the eCaade2014 FUSION conference at Northumbria University (10-12 September).

Further details on the conferences can be found here:



Date Submitted: 24/4/2014

The event will be a two day symposium from May 5-6th.

For more information: http://www.materiart.org/events/materiart-2014/

Date Submitted: 4/4/2014
Alex Warnock-Smith (UPB / Housing & Urbanism tutor), Juliana Muniz Westcott, Carlos Nunez and Jorge Sanchez (AA H&U 2013) to host Productive Territories networking session at the UN World Urban Forum in Medellin, 10 April 2014.
The networking session will discuss the role of Urbanism as a Tool for Promoting Social Mobility and Equity.  productiveterritories.org
Date Submitted: 3/4/2014
rat[LAB] project adaptive[skins]_V4.0 selected to be exhibited at Maker Faire 2014 in Bay Area, California, USA in May 2014. The project is led by Sushant Verma & Pradeep Devadass.
Sushant Verma & Pradeep Devadass, both graduated from AA M.Arch. Em.Tech. 2011-13. Verma works at Zaha Hadid Architects, London, while Devadass works at Archi-Union, Shanghai, and both lead the research organization rat[LAB] in a cloud-based setup. (www.rat-lab.org).
News List for rat[LAB]: http://www.rat-lab.org/#!news/c14kg
About Maker Faire: http://makerfaire.com/
Date Submitted: 31/3/2014

Galán is a clothes valet (suit stand).

Galán received the Interior Innovation Award from the Rat für Formgebung (German Design Council) and was chosen to form part of the ‘Confession of Design’ exhibition organized by Aussenwirtschaft Austria (Advantage Austria), which will be held at the Rotonda della Besana in Milan coinciding with the 2014 edition of Milan’s Salone Internazionale del Mobile.

http://confession-of design.com/exhibition/


“My first sketches of Galán, back in 1993, were dominated by a strong, central spine-like trace. It was a support, a human column that could hold a jacket and a pair of trousers. My mind then fought with the position of the garments. Once I achieved a balance, I put the sketches away, but my mind didn’t.

In 2004 I made a small model. In that model the original tension of the spine-like trace was still present. After that I drew a human-sized version of Galán based on my proportions. But it was lifeless. I realized then that for Galán to transmit a sense of vitality, I had to imbue it with the experience and weariness of life I had gained since I drew my first sketches. I then reworked the curve of the head, its back, and strengthened its neck and heel to express the stand’s resistance to its own weight; to life. Galán is a valet stand and as such, it will probably form part of the intimate realm of the bedroom. That is why it is respectful in its gesture, with its downward gaze, not wanting to intrude. It is just there, as company.

I then searched for the best materials and the finest furniture manufacturers to breathe life into my creation. This quest took me to the small Austrian town of Schwarzach, where local master carpenters have been working for generations with solid woods from the Alps. After various prototypes, Galán came to life in September 2013.

I have found it fascinating to arrive at the point where a form that had never existed before is perfect to my eye. Galán is alive because it has a tension of its own, because it has an identity of its own. Standing still, it is in movement. Doing nothing, it does.

Today, after twenty years, I believe that the traces I drew in 1993 were, even then, profoundly human.”

Jorge Gomendio Kindelan.


Date Submitted: 31/3/2014

Adam Nathaniel Furman (AAdip(hons) AAgraddip 2009 will be one of the exhibitors in a new show organised Habitat and the Crafts Council UK called "Space Craft".

The show will go on tour around the UK for 18months after its time in Habitat.
Date Submitted: 26/3/2014

Mark Campbell - Paradise Lost Research Cluster Director, HTS Faculty and Intermediate Unit Master - recently presented at the 'Renovating Aesthetics' PhD Symposium, held at the Bartlett School of Architecture, London, on 20 March, 2014. The symposium was chaired by Professor Murray Fraser and also included papers by Professor John Macarthur (University of Queensland) and Dr Peg Rawes (Bartlett School of Architecture). Mark's paper focused on his research on issues of aesthetics and politics at the beginning of the twentieth-century.


Image : Bernard Berenson visiting the Borghese Gallery, Rome, 1955. © David Seymour / Magnum Photos

Date Submitted: 24/3/2014
On April 4 +5 Liam Young of AA’s Diploma 6- Unknown Fields Division and think tank Tomorrows Thoughts Today will be hosting  Data Drama: Crunching, Chunking and other Novel Data Technologies to Better Help us Escape From the Present at Princeton University School of Architecture. Across 2 days 20 speakers will be discussing the spatial possibilities and consequences of big data and the network. To accompany the presentations Andrew Blum, author of Tubes: A Journey to the Centre of the Internet, will be coordinating a field expedition through the wilds of New Jersey to visit a series of local data centres and critical engineer Julian Oliver will be running a workshop on the tools and tactics for asserting and defending civil liberties in the networked domain. For details head over here where the event will also be live streamed. Use #datadrama to contribute to the conversation.
James Bridle [Artist and founder Of Dronestagram and the New Aesthetic]
Kevin Slavin [Founder of the Playful Systems group at MIT's Media Lab]
Tim Maughan [Science Fiction Author]
Ivan Poupyrev [Project leader at Google’s Advance Technologies and Projects Division]
Ben Lewis [Director of Google and the World Brain]
Kate Crawford [Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research and Visiting Professor, MIT Center for Civic Media]
Metahaven [Designers and Editors of Black Transparency: The right to know in the age of Mass Surveillance]
Joanne McNeil [Techno political Writer and Researcher]
Scanlab [Specialists in Large scale 3D laser scanning]
Benjamin Bratton [Director of The Center for Design and Geopolitics]
Carlo Ratti [Director of Senseable City Lab at MIT]
Usman Hasque [Founder of internet of things data infrastructure Pachube]
Adam Harvey [Countersurveillance fashion designer]
Mario Carpo [Architectural Historian]
Date Submitted: 21/3/2014
The School of Architecture for All (SARCHA) initiated by Dr Maria Theodorou (AA PhD H&T 1998) features in Blueprint magazine, issue 332 January/February 2014 and described as another type of practice and research on architecture and the city produced by an extended assemblage of associates: “…[a] platform to share resources and experiences while learning with every project.”http://sarcha-architecture.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/sarcha-in-blueprint-architect-is-no.html
Date Submitted: 21/3/2014

Luca Peralta Studio’s awarded project, titled “Transforming Social Houses into Sociable Homes” , was recognized for its visionary solution for the regeneration of an abandoned social housing project, namely Torre Tintoretto in San Polo, Brescia, Italy.


Date Submitted: 20/3/2014

Foundation Studio Master Takako Hasegawa will be presenting at a multidisciplinary symposium Sensing Architectureat Royal Academy of Arts held in conjunction with the exhibition Sensing Spaces: Architecture Reimagined. Saturday 29th March.


Date Submitted: 18/3/2014

The festival runs at Siobhan Davies studio from 10 April 2014.

What Now Festival : http://www.independentdance.co.uk/programmepage/activities/what-festival/

Siobhan Davies Studio: http://www.siobhandavies.com/

Date Submitted: 18/3/2014


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