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AA SED Projects in India opens on Tuesday 16 December 2014 at CEPT University, Ahmedabad, India on the occasion of the PLEA 2014 International Conference to be held there on Sustainable Habitat for Developing Societies. AA SED Projects in India celebrates the work of twelve recent graduates of the AA School’s MSc and MArch in Sustainable Environmental Design.

Projects in India Leaflet


Over the last ten years some fifty architects from different parts of India have been to London to attend the Architectural Association Graduate School for its post-professional MSc and MArch courses in Sustainable Environmental Design (AA SED). This exhibition presents the final projects of twelve of these graduates, highlighting the range of design briefs, urban contexts, climatic conditions and environmental design responses addressed. The posters provide a visual summary of the projects’ research outcomes and architectural agendas. The projects are backed by extensive analytical work and supported by fieldwork and empirical studies presented in the written dissertations, also on display here. Key objectives of the AA SED Masters programme are to improve environmental conditions and quality of life in cities, achieve independence from non-renewable energy sources and develop an environmentally sustainable architecture able to adapt and respond to changing urban environments.

The locations of the twelve projects shown here range from Pondicherry and Bangalore in the south to Ahmedabad, Assam, Jaisalmer and New Delhi in the north. While encompassing considerable variations in climate and urban environments, a common strategy is the conception of “outdoor rooms” designed to be usable for much of the year providing extra space and reducing the need for mechanical airconditioning. In their choice of research agendas and design briefs the projects divide between work, living and learning environments. Shravan Pradeep’s (AA SED MArch 2014) project explores new design strategies for the 24-hour office environment. Control of humidity is the objective of Rudrajit Sabhaney’s (AA SED MSc 2009) research, resulting in proposals for a passive dehumidification system that is integrated with the building skin. Sanyukta Pande’s (AA SED MArch 2014) design proposals for corporate work environments evolve around an open courtyard surrounded by interlocking blocks and transitional spaces. Fieldwork and analytical studies by Shashank Jain (AA SED MSc 2010) lead to proposals for the  use of earth ducts and earth-air heat exchangers for natural cooling. The intolerable environmental conditions commonly experienced by fishermen and their produce on their way to the market provide the incentive for Harshini Sampath Kumar’s (AA SED MArch 2014) designs of climate-enhancing architectural interventions along the southern coast. Climatic adaptation of the greater one-horned rhinoceros is the preoccupation of Rupalim Choudhury’s (AA SED MSc 2013) study which follows the animal from its home in the tropics to the zoos of northern Europe. Atishay Jain’s (AA SED MSc 2012) research focuses on traditional techniques to provide affordable housing for low-income households. Traditional architecture is also the inspiration for Kartikeya Rajput’s  (AA SED MArch 2014) project in the Thar desert of Rajasthan, aiming at self-sufficiency. Kanika Agarwal Mahadevwala’s (AA SED MArch 2008) proposal for a residential cluster in Ahmedabad evolves from the old city’s Pol housing with its dense built form and shaded streets and courtyards. By contrast Rohit Garg’s (AA SED MArch 2012) scheme for an extended family in New Delhi accommodates the different generations of occupants in low-rise pavilions with outdoor spaces to suit daily and seasonal cycles. Two of the projects are concerned with the environmental design of learning environments. Payal Chaudhari’s (AA SED MSc 2012) study focuses on adaptive strategies for primary school classrooms in the south of the country. Megha Nanaiah (AA SED MSc 2013) pays homage to, and draws lessons from, two of the country’s modern architectural landmarks.

I am grateful to Rajan Rawal and the organising committee of the PLEA 2014 Conference for hosting this exhibition. Mileni Pamfili in London and Kanika Agarwal Mahadevwala in Ahmedabad have made this possible with their generous and dedicated help in the preparation and display of the material. Thanks to all the contributors whose work is presented here for their prompt and enthusiastic response. Thanks to Brett Steele, Director of the AA School, for his continued support and encouragement, and to colleagues who worked with me on the AA SED masters programme in the academic years in which these projects were produced: Klaus Bode, Gustavo Brunelli, Paula Cadima, Ruchi Choudhary, Werner Gaiser, Joana Goncalves, Raul Moura, Jorge Rodriguez Alvarez, Rosa Schiano-Phan.  

Date Submitted: 15/12/2014

CEDRIC PRICE: The Dynamics of Time

Bureau Europa

13 December 2014 – 22 March 2015

CEDRIC PRICE: The Dynamics of Time is an exhibition that introduces the work of Price by presenting a cross-section of the elements of his inventive and singular practice: sketches, project drawings, recorded talks, first-hand accounts by staff, colleagues and friends. A series of selected projects present his innovative models for industry, education, government, tourism, ecology and the house. The selection of projects has been made on the basis of their specific relevance to current spatial, economic and social issues of the Meuse-Rhine Euregion, a cross-border region that currently faces a number of challenges that are typical for post-industrial areas, such as a declining economy and the shrinking and aging of its population. The material on show is sourced from the Cedric Price Fonds at the Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal and the private collections of the Cedric Price Estate and Lord McAlpine. It will be accompanied by contemporary work, reflecting both the critical attributes of Price’s practice and the concept of the exhibition itself. It is curated, at the invitation of Bureau Europa, by Jan Nauta and Samantha Hardingham.

Bureau Europa
Boschstraat 9
6211 AS Maastricht
The Netherlands

For more information please see: http://www.bureau-europa.nl/nl/manifestations/cedric_price_the_dynamics_of_time/

Date Submitted: 8/12/2014

AADRL Director Theodore Spyropoulos will be participating as a juror in the 2015 Digital Design category of D&AD Professional Awards.

Date Submitted: 5/12/2014

"Sisterfields" located in Bali was a project undertaken with Travis Walton Architects. The project was nominated as a finalist within the Bar & Restaurant category at both; The Society of British and International Design (SBID) Awards and The FX International Interior Design Awards 2014.


Date Submitted: 3/12/2014

"We are looking for qualified, enthusiastic people to take part in the construction of a new building. The structure will be built using innovative alternative techniques with earth as the primary material.

We are trying to revolutionize the earth building industry to make it a true competitor of its less sustainable concrete alternative in the following ways:

- by developing a modern approach using standard and or simple construction equipment
- using a system that is quick to erect
- having a construction process that is accessible to women & youth
- low maintenance building

We will run a free training workshop in Lagos, Nigeria before the end of the first quarter of 2015.  Spaces are limited to 15 people and on completion, there would be paid job opportunities for a selected number of trained participants (approximately 5-8people).

There are multiple positions available. If selected, you will participate in a workshop in Spring 2015 featuring instructors from the UK and USA. After completing the workshop you may have the opportunity to continue working on the project".

Note that the building is an educational and cultural centre for a private foundation."


For more details contact lagos@moeaa.com

Date Submitted: 1/12/2014

Emanuel de Sousa (AA PhD 2013) has been awarded Distinction at the BIAU 2014, Bienal Iberoamericana de Arquitectura y Urbanismo, Rosario, Argentina, for his Doctoral Thesis 'Heterotopia: Reframing Spatial Practices and Boundaries, c.1968-2008', concluded at The Architec tural Association in 2013, with the support of FCT, Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia, Portugal, under the supervision of Dr. Marina Lathouri (AA) and Prof. Dr. Edward Soja (UCLA/LSE).

Date Submitted: 21/11/2014

Arturo Revilla (AA PhD candidate, Mexico Visiting School) won the competition for swimming pool facilities for the Club Campestre de Aguascalitens. Mexico.

As part of the research for his PhD in Architectural Design, Arturo is also responsible for the BAGNET collective plastic bag installation at Instituto Cultural de Aguascalientes. ICA. 2014

Bagnet Collective

"A cultural design experiment with public participation."

Date Submitted: 12/11/2014

A portrait of Roz Barr Architects has been chosen as one of 60 photographs in this year’s Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. Valerie Bennett photographed the practice on a visit to the church of San Lorenzo, Venice, in conjunction with a project for the Venice Biennale. Eleven other portraits by Bennett are held in the National Portrait Gallery collection. The Taylor Wessing Prize is an international open competition which celebrates the best of contemporary portrait photography. The exhibition opens on 13 November.

For more information:



Date Submitted: 11/11/2014
Date Submitted: 7/11/2014

Nuria Alvarez Lombardero and Francisco Gonzalez de Canales (inter 8 unit masters) presented work at the Ready-made Architectures exhibition at the Andalusian Centre for Contemporary Arts.

Date Submitted: 5/11/2014

The AA Archives is pleased to announce the donation to its collections of the manuscript for an unpublished novel by Alison Smithson, entitled '1916 ASO:The Earth of the Modern Movement'. The 268 page manuscript is the only complete version of the text in existence and includes a unique publishers 'mock-up' showing Alison's proposed layout and art-work, revealing a sophisticated inter-play between text and image. 

The manuscript was given to AA tutor, Pascal Schoning in 1985 and has recently been donated by him to the AA Archives.


Date Submitted: 30/10/2014

Haworth Tompkins Architects last Thursday won the Stirling prize for this building.

"...Across the ceilings here Antoni Malinowski has created a suite of paintings in reds that resonate around the copper and old-gold hues that recur through the building. Their red stream seems to flow overhead through the five bays of the long gallery, pauses for a shoal of copper fish to pass above the stairwell, then turns to merge into the recital room’s depth. As the bays are spanned by concrete beams, the red course runs through them like a current across the panels of a folding screen - or, maybe, for imaginative beholders - a bloodstream through the building..." - Brian Hatton in Architectural Review

Date Submitted: 28/10/2014
Samantha Lee (AA Dip 2012) and Oliviu Lugojan-Ghenciu (AA MS & DRL Course Tutor) will be speaking at Bartlett Plexus 14 'Game-Change' on 30th October, 6:30pm. 140 Hampstead Road NW1 2BX.
The event is free to all.
Date Submitted: 28/10/2014

The anatomy of a building: Denys Lasdun and the Royal College of Physicians

A unique exhibition marking the centenary of visionary architect Sir Denys Lasdun and his modernist masterpiece - the Royal College of Physicians

Regent’s Park, London, NW1 4LE

Visit Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm

Free entry

Sir Denys Lasdun CH CBE FRIBA HonAADipl and RIBA Gold Medalist studied at the AA in the early 1930s. He served as a Council Member in 1959-61 and again 1974-78.



Image: Valerie Bennett photos.aaschool.ac.uk

Date Submitted: 22/10/2014

Adam Nathaniel Furman, (Director of the AA's Saturated Space Cluster http://www.saturatedspace.org/ ) wins an award for Design Innovation at the Blueprint Awards 2014.

"Identity Parade consists of 3D-printed and ceramic vases and ornaments, painted in luminous colours and busy psychedelic patterns."


identity Parade reviewed in Dezeen magazine

Date Submitted: 15/10/2014


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