Glen Stellmacher (AA MArch Design and Make 2014) along with Coby Vardy and ARUP Seattle have won a joint first prize for the Treehousing International Wood Design Competition sponsored by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. 

Their winning entry, Nkosi Market, capitalized on the use of local wood products to form an expansive covered public market at ground level, along with a 21 storey residential tower made of acetylated pine and CLT. The project realizes a design approach that holistically addresses the potentials of forestry, materiality, and architectural space.

Date Submitted: 21/9/2015

Beton Machine, AAVS Las Pozas exhibiting at the V&A for Mexican National Day celebrating Design made in Mexico. Directors Umberto Bellardi Ricci and Carlos Matos  

Date Submitted: 16/9/2015

Beton Machine Family of Forms’ pieces produced at this year's AAVS Las Pozas jungle workshop will be showcased at Iniciativa Curatorial MARSO in Mexico City, opening Friday 18 September 2015.  

Date Submitted: 16/9/2015

Blake Jackson, a 2009 graduate of the Sustainable Environmental Design graduate school programme was included in US trade magazine Building Design & Construction's 'Forty under 40' Class of 2015.

Given to 'the emerging superstars of the AEC industry', Jackson currently works for Tsoi / Kobus & Associates in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Image: The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine (no relation) by Tsoi / Kobus & Associates. Photo by to Robert Benson Photography

http://editiondigital.net/publication/?i=270908 (see page U40 13)


Date Submitted: 14/9/2015

Sabrina Puddu (AA H&U MA 2008), Paolo Pisano (AA 3rd Year student) and Francesco Zuddas (AA H&U MA 2008) have won the first prize in the Think-Space competition with the project “Grand Hotel Beaux-Arts”. This year’s edition of the conceptual architectural-urban design competition asked for reflections on urban public space in the European context.

Their winning entry took the case of Cagliari (Sardinia) as an example of mid-sized city where a large number of increasingly educated young people struggles to get access to affordable housing, job opportunities, and the possibility of starting a family. By proposing to re-inhabit a number of recently vacated public institutional buildings from the 19th and early 20th century such as prisons, universities and hospitals, the project suggests the need to rethink the public relevance of housing and with it the role of the State for its provision, while at the same time saving those buildings from re-use proposals as museums catered for tourists. 


Date Submitted: 14/9/2015

Elif Erdine (Studio Tutor / AA EmTech Graduate Design Programme, Programme Director / AA Istanbul Visiting School and AA Summer DLAB) will present her paper, titled "Tower Revisited: Simultaneous Integration Of Tower Subsystems During Conceptual Design Phase" in eCAADe 2015. The conference theme is Real Time: Extending the Reach of Computation. Hosted by TU Wien, Vienna, the conference will take place during 16 – 18 September 2015.


Date Submitted: 9/9/2015

Alexandros Kallegias (Programme Director / AA Athens and AA Greece Visiting Schools, AA Summer DLAB) and Elif Erdine (Studio Tutor / AA EmTech Graduate Design Programme, Programme Director / AA Istanbul Visiting School and AA Summer DLAB) present their paper, titled “Design By Nature: Concrete Infiltrations” in eCAADe 2015. The conference theme is Real Time: Extending the Reach of Computation. Hosted by TU Wien, Vienna, the conference will take place during 16 – 18 September 2015.


Date Submitted: 9/9/2015

The City Academy Awards 2015, a design competition for architects & students under 30 in Bulgaria. 

Dimitar entered with a project from his 2nd year (The Slope City of Nested Ecologies) when he was in Intermediate Unit 10 with Claudia Pasquero & Marco Poletto.




Date Submitted: 8/9/2015

Aesthetics, academia and architecture: inside the cool, considered world of AA Print Studio


Words - Emily Gosling

Photography - Joshua Osborne

Date Submitted: 13/8/2015


15 August 2015 – 19 September 2015, 10:00

Architecture, Making and Place presents student-designed architectural works from Hooke Park, a 150-hectare ancient woodland located six miles North-East of Bridport and owned since 2002 by Architectural Association School of Architecture (AA).

The site contains an educational campus dedicated to developing sustainable rural architectures and innovative applications of timber. Students use the workshops and woodland as a site for their learning, research, designing and constructing.

The premise of the projects is that architecture is best learned through engagement in its making, material and place, whilst considering the wider community of West Dorset’s rich craft tradition.

The exhibition presents the activities of Hooke Park through photographs, drawings, models, video works and full-scale prototype components of live architectural projects.

Date Submitted: 13/8/2015

RIBA has awarded £10,000 to conduct research on Sustainable Housing Design for the AA's Sustainable Environmental Design MSc/MArch programme.


Further details on RIBA's www.architecture.com

Date Submitted: 31/7/2015

Little Architect is the AA's education programme for teaching architecture and the urban environment in primary schools, both in and outside London.

Visitors will be able to enjoy designs for future skyscrapers, machines to purify the air, floating fun fairs, intriguing 'Victorians versus Future' collages and bird houses.

20 July - 8 August 2015

NLA, The Building Centre, 26 Store Street, WC1E 7BT


Date Submitted: 20/7/2015
29th June
11.00 - 12.09 Lecture at Sichuan Architecture Institute, Chengdu, China.
16.30-17.30 South West Jiao Tong University, Architecture School, Chengdu, China
30th June 2015
15.30-16.30 Chengdu University, School of Architecture, Chengdu, China.
19.30 - 20.30 Sichuan University Architecture Institute.
Date Submitted: 23/6/2015

Gun Architects and AKT II Engineers' exhibition for the AA in Bedford Square last summer has been shortlisted for New London Architecture Awards "The Temporary". Results on 7th July.


Full Shortlist of projects

Date Submitted: 11/6/2015

The robust fabric and adaptable nature of Clerkenwell’s industrial building stock has lent itself to an influx of craft-based industries in recent decades. Appropriately, a growing number of architectural practices interested in an artisanal approach to design shares this area with other established craft networks. Roz Barr Architects is an architecture studio sandwiched over two floors between a Jeweller’s collective and a watchmaker’s shop.

As a testament to the artisanal spirit of the practice, one floor of the studio is dedicated purely to workshop and exhibition space. Here, ideas for projects are formed through the production of architectural models, which form the basis for the drawings and images that communicate the studio’s designs. Increasingly, this space has been used to host dinners, lectures, and exhibitions.

As a way of formalising the evolution of this space, this year’s London Festival of Architecture marks the opening of Roz Barr Architect’s workshop space as a public forum.

Roz Barr Architects presents an inaugural exhibition that displays their work and working process through the theme of ‘adaptation’. Exhibited in this space are projects that demonstrate how - through crafting - sites and existing buildings can be re-imagined and adapted.


As a centre piece to the display are two models at a scale of 1:10 of projects currently in development. One is based on the west coast of Scotland in Argyll and Bute - Loch Craignish - and addresses the adapted use of an existing steading as a way of preserving, restoring and adapting an existing building typology. The other - St. Augustine’s Church - looks at the re-working of the existing church in Hammersmith, to provide a new Priory, arts forum and landscape within the city.

The act of making involves engaging with an idea that requires a decision that can be “made” and re-thought, and un-made to be realised. This form of adaptation is about the discourse of architectural thinking and is a critical part of our process in making and realising an idea. We imagine, we make and the process is adapted through discussions and decisions about materiality and form. Nothing is fixed in this process. It is always evolving as we transfer our ideas into the physical.

Each model embodies a moment of a design stage and acts as a catalyst for future phases of an architectural process in making.

The models show the trajectory of the studio over the past 5 years.


Roz Barr Architects
111-113 St. John Street

Image: Andrew Putler

Date Submitted: 10/6/2015


The AA School in realtime



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