Monday 21 May

Undergraduate Juries

Dip 12 Lecture Hall

Inter 8 Barrel Vault

Inter 12 32 First Floor Back

Tuesday 22 May

Undergraduate Juries

Inter 11 Lecture Hall

Dip 11 Barrel Vault

Inter 16 33 First Floor Front

Wednesday 23 May

Undergraduate Juries

Dip 16 Lecture Hall

Dip 17 Barrel Vault

Inter 6 32 First Floor Back

Thursday 24 May

Undergraduate Juries

Dip 14 Lecture Hall

Dip 2 Barrel Vault

Dip 18 North Jury Room

Friday 25 May

Undergraduate Juries

Inter 3 Lecture Hall

Dip 5 Barrel Vault

Dip 8 33 First Floor Front

Saturday 26 May

No course information available for this day

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