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  Date Name Title Run time
view 28/10/2004 BALFOUR, Alan Architectural Education Symposium: Possible Futures for the AA 65 mins
view 28/10/2004 CARL, Peter/ John TUOMEY Architectural Education Symposium: Assessment and External Examining 88 mins
view 27/10/2004 WEINSTOCK/TASHIMA Architectural Education Symposium: The Computer . . . in Architectural Education 60 mins
view 26/10/2004 KIPNIS, Jeff Architectural Education Symposium: My Thoughts on . . . Architectural Education 61 mins
view 26/10/2004 MELVIN, Jeremy Architectural Education Symposium: The School . . . and the External Environment 53 mins
view 25/10/2004 FINCH, Paul Architectural Education Symposium: Where Do We Go From Here? 99 mins
view 21/10/2004 BENJAMIN, Andrew Malevich, Building on Zero 85 mins
view 15/10/2004 BIRNBAUM, Daniel Portikus: Curating in the Expanded Field 64 mins
view 12/10/2004 SMITH, Mike and Patsy CRAIG The Art of Collaboration 53 mins
view 11/10/2004 FOREIGN OFFICE ARCHITECTS FOA after Yokohama: Constructing Communication 113 mins
view 11/10/2004 FOREIGN OFFICE ARCHITECTS Yokohama Animation 15 mins
view 27/5/2004 COATES, Nigel Exploring Ecstacity 88 mins

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