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  Date Name Title Run time
view 30/11/2004 RIJKE, Alex de An Architectural Alphabet 57 mins
view 23/11/2004 GEUZE, Adriaan Context 65 mins
view 22/11/2004 BENTON, Tim Mens sana in corpore sano - Italian Fascism, the Body and Architecture 83 mins
view 16/11/2004 VARIOUS Tracing Portugal: Emergent Architectural Scene 71 mins
view 10/11/2004 WEIZMAN, Eyal The Politics of Verticality: the Architecture of Warfare in the West Bank 99 mins
view 8/11/2004 LYNN, Greg Going Primitive 110 mins
view 5/11/2004 HADID, Zaha Architectural Education Symposium: Closing Lecture 64 mins
view 4/11/2004 FIORI, Jorge/Robert MAXWELL/Brett STEELE Architectural Education Symposium: Graduate Education 75 mins
view 4/11/2004 SERAJI-BOZORGZAD, Nasrine Architectural Education Symposium: Pedagogies of Architecture . . . 76 mins
view 3/11/2004 COOK, Peter Architectural Education Symposium: The Happy Volcano 62 mins
view 3/11/2004 ALLFORD, Simon Architectural Education Symposium: Accreditation 55 mins
view 2/11/2004 MULL, Robert/Carlos VILLANUEVA BRANDT/Brett STEELE/Tony FRETTON Architectural Education Symposium: The Unit System 82 mins

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