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  Date Name Title Run time
view 11/3/2013 Moshe Safdie: On Invention and Fitness – Humanising Megascale Adaptive Ecologies Evening Lecture Series 85 mins
view 4/3/1980 BOYARSKY, Alvin Address to School Community 13 mins
view 6/7/2011 FORMAT Issue 1 - Lecture Format Addressing the Audience Directly or Not, Sometimes with a Soundtrack 3/5 Victoria Camblin, Mark Cousins, Tuomas Toivonen 115 mins
view 24/10/2013 JENCKS, Charles Adhocism: The Case for Improvisation 82 mins
view 2/2/2005 SCHEEREN, Ole Adjust During Development - Develop During Adjustment 106 mins
view 13/2/2004 LANE, David Advanced Simulation and Generative Design Processes 1/4 68 mins
view 13/2/2004 LORENZ, Theo Advanced Simulation and Generative Design Processes 2/7 104 mins
view 13/2/2004 NICHOLS, Andrew Advanced Simulation and Generative Design Processes 3/4 86 mins
view 19/2/2016 Antoine Picon, Achim Menges & Francis Aish, chaired by Ali Farzaneh & Elif Erdine Advancements in Design Computation 194 mins
view 4/3/1996 SEUNG, Hchioh-Sang Aesthetics of Poverty: Seoul City of Desire 65 mins
view 30/4/2015 Ingrid Schröder, Manuel Herz, Rachel Stella Jenkins & Alex Warnock-Smith African Modernism: Architecture of Independence 103 mins
view 25/10/2005 AURELI, Pier Vittorio After the Diagram 67 mins

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