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  Date Name Title Run time
view 4/3/2014 SOBEK, Werner The ‘Aktivhaus’ Concept: Building the World of Tomorrow 103 mins
view 30/4/2015 Ingrid Schröder, Manuel Herz, Rachel Stella Jenkins & Alex Warnock-Smith African Modernism: Architecture of Independence 103 mins
view 8/6/2001 VARIOUS Getting it Right: Landscape Detailing for Historic Parks & Gardens 2/8 103 mins
view 27/11/2002 ROGERS, Richard The work of Richard Rogers 103 mins
view 27/2/2008 COOK, Peter Architecture Is Enough: 'Spring Music/Own Work' 103 mins
view 31/3/1995 Jasia Reichardt and Mark Atkinson Evolution Of Form, Artificial Life and the Myth of Frankenstein 103 mins
view 7/11/2015 Helaine Blumenfeld, Mary Bowman, Judit Kimpian, Kate Mackintosh, Santa Raymond, Peter Murray, Helen Castle, and more Women in Architecture - 2/2 103 mins
view 14/3/2006 ROCHE, Francois R&Sie(n) Architects 103 mins
view 25/10/2000 HERZOG, Jacques The Power of Images 103 mins
view 16/11/2000 NL ARCHITECTS: Mark LINNEMANN and Kamiel KLAASE Amazing Discoveries 103 mins
view 30/1/2013 PLUS Session 1: Action and Reaction 103 mins
view 13/11/1989 PRICE, Cedric Questions and Answers 104 mins

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