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  Date Name Title Run time
view 24/2/2011 ALTAY, Can Exercise in Sharing: Inhabitants, Settings and a Gazette Bedford Press Lecture Series 63 mins
view 19/9/2016 Alun Jones & Louise Underhill Renewing Historical Typologies 95 mins
view 29/11/1976 Alvin Boyarsky, Caroline Tisdall, Peter Cook, Kenneth Frampton, Leon Krier Academicism Lives On 108 mins
view 1/2/2010 ANCESCHI, Giovanni The Vertigo of the List 80 mins
view 20/2/2006 ANDRASEK, Alisa Material Potency: Probabilistic Programming 69 mins
view 29/1/2015 Andrea Bagnato, Joseph Grima, Sam Jacob, Justin McGuirk, Cat Rossi, Maria S Giudici, Marina Otero Verzier The Quantified Home 102 mins
view 10/3/2016 Andrés Jaque, Office for Political Innovation Architecture as Rendered Society 98 mins
view 18/3/2000 Andrew Benjamin, Bernard Cache Gottfried Semper Today 3/4 96 mins
view 14/6/1993 Andrew Benjamin, Greg Lynn The Fold 1/2 58 mins
view 29/5/1993 Andrew Hopkins, Bruce Boucher Ritual and Display in Venetian Architecture 5/6 57 mins
view 18/3/1998 ANDREWS, John Raising DEEP SPACE 50 mins
view 1/1/1980 ANDREWS, John and JAMES, Keith First Year Juries 55 mins

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