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  Date Name Title Run time
view 29/1/2015 Andrea Bagnato, Joseph Grima, Sam Jacob, Justin McGuirk, Cat Rossi, Maria S Giudici, Marina Otero Verzier The Quantified Home 102 mins
view 9/3/2001 JENCKS, Charles Le Corbusier and the Continual Revolution 102 mins
view 28/11/1996 CALATRAVA, Santiago Architecture, Space and Movement 102 mins
view 17/1/2012 SED Keynote Lecture: Mike Taylor, Gustavo Brunelli and Ed Mc Cann London 2012 Velodrome: An example of integrated and sustainable design 102 mins
view 6/6/1984 PRICE, Cedric Cause and Effect 1/2 102 mins
view 5/6/1995 FOREIGN OFFICE ARCHITECTS FOA 102 mins
view 8/1/2018 Dan Stubbergaard Our Urban Living Room 102 mins
view 7/2/2012 KOOLHAAS, Rem, Hans Ulrich OBRIST, Brett STEELE, Shumon BASAR Project Japan: Metabolism Talks 102 mins
view 9/6/2000 ROUCH, Jean Possessing Vision 102 mins
view 15/3/2012 Lina and Gio Roundtable Discussion with Isa Ferraz, Marcelo Ferraz, Giancarlo Latorraca, Marco Romanelli Hosted by Ana Araujo 1 of 2 Presentation 102 mins
view 1/5/1987 GRAVES, Michael RIBA Lecture 103 mins
view 21/10/2014 PIMLOTT, Mark, Tony FRETTON Propositions for Things and Places & Buildings and their Territories 103 mins

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