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  Date Name Title Run time
view 11/10/2017 Organised by Mark Morris and Mark Cousins with Ben Nicholson 5 Conversations on Education: Edu-topia: the Space of Paradox versus the Space of Unadulterated Hypocrisy 61 mins
view 10/10/2017 Organised by Mark Morris and Mark Cousins with Ed Bottoms 5 Conversations on Education: A Complete History of the AA (Abridged) 55 mins
view 9/10/2017 Organised by Mark Morris and Mark Cousins with Paul Finch 5 Conversations on Education: Why Exactly is the AA Exceptional? 57 mins
view 5/10/2017 Urbanistas Amplifying the voices of women to make cities better for everyone 68 mins
view 2/10/2017 Organised by Design + Make Hooke Park Conversation 203 mins
view 21/9/2017 Charles Holland Foundation Myths 102 mins
view 14/9/2017 Antonis Papamichael Jack of all Trades, Master of None 54 mins
view 3/8/2017 Suryansh Chandra (Automata Technologies) IN PURSUIT OF CHALLENGES* (please note the change of date) 57 mins
view 14/7/2017 Shumon Basar and Peter Carl Power FORMAT 4 78 mins
view 12/7/2017 Turi Munthe and Yuri Pattison Power FORMAT 3 90 mins
view 5/7/2017 Rowan Moore and Mark Rappolt Power FORMAT 1 88 mins
view 30/6/2017 Lynne Walker & Elizabeth Darling AA XX 100: 'A Collection of Scimitar Minds' 60 mins

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