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  Date Name Title Run time
view 8/1/2018 Dan Stubbergaard Our Urban Living Room 102 mins
view 8/12/2017 Ed Atkins in conversation with Tom McCarthy Untitled 86 mins
view 7/12/2017 Samaneh Moafi & Melissa Fernández Arrigoitia, chaired by Léopold Lambert The Architecture of Family 89 mins
view 6/12/2017 Suryansh Chandra IN PURSUIT OF CHALLENGES* *and what happens when you underestimate them 51 mins
view 4/12/2017 Caspar Schols What came before? 57 mins
view 30/11/2017 Rodrigo Perez de Arce Antoncic City of Play 112 mins
view 28/11/2017 Bruce McLean A Lawnmower in the Loft 25 mins
view 27/11/2017 Organised by DSDHA Alison and Peter Smithson. The Space Between 85 mins
view 24/11/2017 Mark Cousins Make Up 65 mins
view 23/11/2017 C.J. Lim Inhabitable Infrastructures: Science fiction or urban fiction? 74 mins
view 22/11/2017 Axel Körner Bio-inspired Kinetic Structures 49 mins
view 17/11/2017 Mark Cousins The Mask 58 mins

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