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  Date Name Title Run time
view 11/3/2011 AA Symposium Patrik Schumacher and Mark Cousins Debating Fundamentals: Probing the Autopoiesis of Architecture - 6/10 53 mins
view 10/3/2011 CLOEPIL, Brad Lecture/Book Launch 83 mins
view 9/3/2011 CAYGILL, Howard Revisiting the Boulevard du Temple: Architecture and Proto-Photography 87 mins
view 4/3/2011 KELLER, Christoph A Perisher’s Nostalgia: Books and Art – A Relational Crisis 87 mins
view 2/3/2011 GARCIA-ABRIL, Antón Stones and Beams 80 mins
view 1/3/2011 GELI, Enric Ruiz Media-ICT - 2/2 57 mins
view 1/3/2011 GELI, Enric Ruiz Media-ICT - 1/2 57 mins
view 28/2/2011 HHF architects Recent Works / Formalistic Pragmatism 81 mins
view 25/2/2011 COUSINS, Mark Technology and the First Person Singular: Medium and Media 11/12 62 mins
view 25/2/2011 Jeff Kipnis and Tobias Rehberger On Art and Architecture 83 mins
view 24/2/2011 ALTAY, Can Exercise in Sharing: Inhabitants, Settings and a Gazette Bedford Press Lecture Series 63 mins
view 23/2/2011 COOK, Peter The Baking; The Lost Art of Architectural Composition 60 mins

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