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  Date Name Title Run time
view 24/1/1996 MIRMIRAN, Hadi A New Movement in the Architectural Tradition of Iran 47 mins
view 22/5/1996 BAIRD, George A New Theory Of Public Space 81 mins
view 4/3/2011 KELLER, Christoph A Perisher’s Nostalgia: Books and Art – A Relational Crisis 87 mins
view 26/11/2013 BARR, Roz A Process in Making 88 mins
view 25/1/2002 MAROT, Jean-Baptiste A Question of Viewpoint 56 mins
view 17/11/2014 UniversalAssemblyUnit A Space Animation Studio 67 mins
view 31/10/1990 PRICE, Cedric A Speculation into Immediate Futures 87 mins
view 11/3/1998 DE LANDA, Manuel A Thousand Years of Non-linear History 80 mins
view 24/10/2005 MOELLER, Christian A Time and Place 84 mins
view 22/5/2000 Tomato A World, A World 77 mins
view 11/5/1994 Don Bates, Peter Beard, Mark Brierley, Peter Davidson, May Hom, Julian Lewis, Jeremy Till, Sarah Wigglesworth, David Turnbull, Jeff Kipnis, Alejandro Zaera-Polo A(TOPOS) 132 mins
view 12/2/2010 BOTTOMS, Ed AA Archives Preserving the Past for the Future 80 mins

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