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  Date Name Title Run time
view 15/6/1975 JONES, Gareth Gareth Jones Discussion 2/2 60 mins
view 31/10/1975 SMITHSON, Alison A Line Of Tree....A Steel Structure 17 mins
view 6/11/1975 PRICE, Cedric Provisions & Providers/Tricks, Rules & Manners 126 mins
view 20/11/1975 PRICE, cedric Aiming To Miss 115 mins
view 2/12/1975 GOWAN, James Lecture 74 mins
view 11/12/1975 COOK, Peter Melting Architecture 159 mins
view 1/1/1976 OTTO, Frei Cities, Centres, New Forms for Living 55 mins
view 15/1/1976 VARIOUS Art Criticism and Art Today 121 mins
view 17/1/1976 GREENBERG, Clement Lecture 109 mins
view 20/1/1976 FARRELL, Terry/GRIMSHAW, Nicholas Lecture 70 mins
view 22/1/1976 HICKS, David Interior Decoration and Interior Design 66 mins
view 22/1/1976 FRAMPTON, Kenneth Technology & The Crisis Of Place 1/2 60 mins

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