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  Date Name Title Run time
view 8/3/2013 COUSINS, Mark Where is Everyday Life? – The Leftover 9/10 48 mins
view 8/3/2013 LISLEGAARD, Ann Artist Talk 76 mins
view 7/3/2013 AURELI, Pier Vittorio Projects 74 mins
view 6/3/2013 HASEGAWA, Itsuko Ordinary and Heroic 77 mins
view 5/3/2013 PELKONEN, Eeva-Liisa Urban Aalto 56 mins
view 28/2/2013 Geoff Manaugh, Mark Smout and Laura Allen Architect Explorers: Land Use Taxonomy / Landscape Transformation 92 mins
view 27/2/2013 PLUS Session 3: Envelope 106 mins
view 22/2/2013 Mark Cousins Where is Everyday Life? 8/10 48 mins
view 20/2/2013 MERCY, Dominique & Peter PABST with Takako Hasegawa & Barbara Campbell-Lange Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch 98 mins
view 19/2/2013 BLOCK, Philippe Stone Skins: New Masonry Shells 70 mins
view 18/2/2013 SOAR, Rupert Physiomimetics: A Process Architecture and Construction Paradigm 90 mins
view 15/2/2013 COUSINS, Mark Where is Everyday Life? 7/10 52 mins

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