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  Date Name Title Run time
view 23/1/2013 SHAW, Matthew and William TROSSELL ScanLAB Projects: Experiments in Observation & Capture 75 mins
view 22/1/2013 EYRE, Jim Gardens by the Bay: How to Make a Hothouse Cool 0 mins
view 18/1/2013 WISCOMBE, Tom Composite Thinking 91 mins
view 16/1/2013 SARKASIAN, Mark Interconnection 58 mins
view 15/1/2013 MCNAMARA, Shelley Architecture as New Geography 114 mins
view 14/1/2013 PARRY, Eric Architecture and the Politics of Urban Renewal 72 mins
view 9/1/2013 CARPO, Mario Form-Making to Form-Finding: Figures of Indeterminacy in Contemporary Digital Design Theory 74 mins
view 7/12/2012 CUMELLA, Toni and Frederic AMAT Amat–Cumella: Shared Projects 80 mins
view 6/12/2012 David Grahame Shane in discussion with Shin Egashira, Hugo Hinsley and Douglas Spencer The Architecture of Public Space in the Megacity/Metacity: A Global Review 104 mins
view 3/12/2012 JAIN, Bijoy Work-Place 85 mins
view 29/11/2012 VIDLER, Anthony Re-writing the History of the Recent Present: Parametrics before Parametrics 3/3 63 mins
view 28/11/2012 VIDLER, Anthony Re-writing the History of the Recent Present: From Townscape to Postmodernism 2/3 57 mins

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