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  Date Name Title Run time
view 28/11/2013 ALSOP, Will Nothing is Lost 85 mins
view 27/11/2013 Pier Vittorio Aureli Barbarians in the Metropolis: Georg Simmel, Otto Wagner and Ludwig Hilberseimer - 5/6 105 mins
view 26/11/2013 BARR, Roz A Process in Making 88 mins
view 25/11/2013 SCHNEIDER, Pierre and François WUNSCHEL/1024 Architecture Architecture, Light and Rhythm 75 mins
view 22/11/2013 COUSINS, Mark The Scene of Art - 2/3 56 mins
view 22/11/2013 VOGT, Günther Landscape as an Attitude 95 mins
view 21/11/2013 HEMEL, Mark Supermodel –  Canton Tower, China 113 mins
view 20/11/2013 AURELI, Pier Vittorio Architecture as Economy: Jean-Nicolas-Louis Durand and the Standardisation of Design - 4/6 84 mins
view 19/11/2013 SMOUT, Mark and Laura ALLEN Smout Allen 62 mins
view 18/11/2013 SIBAUD, Guillaume / Triptyque Tropical Experience 54 mins
view 15/11/2013 COUSINS, Mark The Scene of Art - 1/3 44 mins
view 13/11/2013 AURELI, Pier Vittorio Architecture Without Quality: The Rise of Urban Decorum and Architecture as Financial Strategy - 3/6 105 mins

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