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  Date Name Title Run time
view 25/7/2018 Michael Weinstock Utopia – The Migrants’ Tale 58 mins
view 24/7/2018 Shajay Bhooshan Digital Design and Fabrication: A Second Turn. 63 mins
view 13/7/2018 Olivia Sudjic and Brendan McGetrick Self FORMAT 4 98 mins
view 11/7/2018 Jack Self and Adam Thirlwell Self FORMAT 3 68 mins
view 6/7/2018 Douglas Coupland and Hans Ulrich Obrist Self FORMAT 2 102 mins
view 4/7/2018 Shumon Basar and Sophia Al Maria Self FORMAT 1 73 mins
view 1/6/2018 Organised by the PhD programme Crosswise: 4 Conversations 376 mins
view 31/5/2018 Ricardo Ruivo Pereira, Arturo Revilla & Nihal Al Sabbagh Completed PhD Presentations 148 mins
view 31/5/2018 Rafi Segal in conversation with Ana Araujo Ethics Follows Aesthetics – The Life and Work of Alfred Neumann 86 mins
view 30/5/2018 Organised by Doreen Bernath and Teresa Stoppani ‘This Thing Called Theory’: Double Crossing 190 mins
view 29/5/2018 Tobias Spichtig in conversation with Daniel Sherer, organised by Patrick McGraw Material and Geist 36 mins
view 26/5/2018 An Evening to Remember Paul Oliver (1927–2017) Ticketed event, open to all 81 mins

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