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  Date Name Title Run time
view 20/5/1982 HUNT, Tony Lecture at the ACA 122 mins
view 27/4/1982 PORTMAN, John Architect as Developer 70 mins
view 8/3/1982 PALUMBO, Peter Mansion House Square 120 mins
view 18/2/1982 COOK, Peter The Current English Scene 104 mins
view 16/2/1982 ROGERS, Richard Lecture at the ACA 123 mins
view 13/1/1982 STIRLING, James Current Projects 104 mins
view 12/1/1982 ROGERS, Richard Lloyds to Coin Street 86 mins
view 5/1/1982 FRAMPTON, Kenneth Lecture at the ACA 118 mins
view 16/12/1981 REID, Alexander Discussion at the ACA 120 mins
view 5/11/1981 FOSTER, Norman At the ACA 141 mins
view 3/11/1981 COOK, peter Peter Cook At Robin Spence House 156 mins
view 26/10/1981 HOLLEIN, Hans Viennese Blood 116 mins

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