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  Date Name Title Run time
view 25/5/1977 VARIOUS Postmodernism: Uses of Language in Architecture 5/5 54 mins
view 9/4/1977 HERRON, Ron Insertions 62 mins
view 9/4/1977 HALFMANN, Jasper/CLOD, Zillich Reality and the Reduced Model 62 mins
view 21/2/1977 COOK, Peter They Came To London 90 mins
view 13/1/1977 ABRAHAM, Raimund Seven Gates 72 mins
view 18/12/1976 JENCKS, charles The Fear, Asceticism and Suicide of the Avant-Garde 88 mins
view 18/12/1976 KOOLHAAS, Rem Salvador Dali, The Paranoid Critical Method, Le Corbusier, New York 104 mins
view 18/12/1976 ROWE, Colin Inside Out: Outside in? 58 mins
view 17/12/1976 COOK, Peter Second Step Towards Arcadia 30 mins
view 17/12/1976 VESELY, Dalibor Architecture:The Incurable Disease 91 mins
view 17/12/1976 MAXWELL, Robert Cries and Struggles In The Boudoir 32 mins
view 29/11/1976 Alvin Boyarsky, Caroline Tisdall, Peter Cook, Kenneth Frampton, Leon Krier Academicism Lives On 108 mins

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