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  Date Name Title Run time
view 2/12/1988 CHELSTOF, Andre Russians Nostalgia of Culture 112 mins
view 18/11/1988 ROGERS, Richard Recent Projects 55 mins
view 1/7/1988 TIGERMAN, Stanley Redland/RIBA Lecture 95 mins
view 19/5/1988 COUSINS, Mark Taste as an Ethical and Political Idea in the 18th Century 57 mins
view 19/5/1988 ROBERTS, Julian The Revelation of Power: Nicholas Hawksmoors Parish Churches 66 mins
view 19/5/1988 VARIOUS; Roy Landau, Paul Hirst, Peter Dews Legitimation and Credibility 1/4 122 mins
view 19/5/1988 VARIOUS; Simon Schaffer, Julian Roberts Legitimation and Credibility 2/4 114 mins
view 19/5/1988 VARIOUS; Mark Cousins, Dimitris A Fatouros Legitimation and Credibility 3/4 92 mins
view 19/5/1988 SASSOON, Anne Legitimation and Credibility 4/4 33 mins
view 4/2/1988 BROWN, Neave Lyons Israel Ellis Gray 82 mins
view 9/12/1987 HERTZBERGER, Herman The Netherlands Now 124 mins
view 14/5/1987 VARIOUS Relativism 1/5 98 mins

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