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  Date Name Title Run time
view 28/2/1992 CORTES, Pepe; ARRIBAS, Alfredo Barcelona Symposium 1/2 102 mins
view 28/2/1992 Deyan Sudjic, Enric Miralles, Oscar Tusquets Barcelona Symposium 2/2 78 mins
view 11/11/1991 MOSS, Eric Owen Which truth do you want to tell? 86 mins
view 8/8/1991 OUTRAM, John London as a Mythological Landscape 97 mins
view 7/8/1991 JIRICNA, Eva Presentation: Eva Jiricna Architects 34 mins
view 3/8/1991 ARRIBAS, Alfredo Projects from 1986-1991 116 mins
view 2/8/1991 SMITHSON, Peter Economist Building 68 mins
view 1/8/1991 ALSOP, Will If It Works It's Out Of Date 96 mins
view 1/8/1991 GRAY, Staurt How London Entered The 20th Century 90 mins
view 1/8/1991 HATTON, Brian Housing In London 90 mins
view 1/8/1991 MELLOR, David; SMITHSON, Peter Imaginary London/Economist Building 120 mins
view 2/5/1991 VENTURI, Robert and Denise SCOTT BROWN The Banham Lecture: Architecture as Shelter: City as Decon 94 mins

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