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  Date Name Title Run time
view 23/2/1994 PERITON, Diana Home 1/6 71 mins
view 23/2/1994 KIPNIS, Jeff Home 3/6 44 mins
view 23/2/1994 BULLOCK, Nick Home 4/6 49 mins
view 23/2/1994 ZIZEK, Slavoj Home (Home and Radical Evil) 2/6 81 mins
view 23/2/1994 CLERY, Emma Home 5/6 36 mins
view 23/2/1994 COUSINS, Mark Home 6/6 47 mins
view 22/2/1994 SHELDRAKE, Rupert Morphic Resonance and the Transfer of Information 86 mins
view 18/2/1994 DIXON, Jeremy Retrospective(s): the Grunt Group and my part in it 104 mins
view 15/2/1994 NAGELI, Walter/VALLEBUONA, Renzo Abroad Sweep. ‘Our work with Stirling’ and Other Projects 122 mins
view 5/2/1994 COLOMINA, Beatriz Privacy and Publicity 62 mins
view 28/1/1994 VARIOUS Foyer(s) 110 mins
view 1/1/1994 PAWLEY, Martin Architecture Armageddon 40 mins

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