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  Date Name Title Run time
view 7/11/1994 NOERO, Jo Spaces of Johannesburg: The City after Apartheid 82 mins
view 4/11/1994 SMITHSON, Peter Climate Change Register 60 mins
view 2/11/1994 GOLD, Michael Retrospective(s): The Grunt Group and My Part in It 65 mins
view 13/10/1994 Bruce Maclean, Barry Martin, John Aiken Action 1/3 210 mins
view 13/10/1994 VARIOUS Action 3/3 54 mins
view 13/10/1994 SCHONING, Pascal Action 2/3 116 mins
view 22/6/1994 VIDLER, Anthony Phobic City: Psychopathologies of Modern Space 70 mins
view 7/6/1994 VARIOUS Speculative Edition 122 mins
view 1/6/1994 HADID, Zaha John Dennys Memorial Lecture 80 mins
view 25/5/1994 JOHNSON, Philip In conversation with Jeff Kipnis 55 mins
view 11/5/1994 Don Bates, Peter Beard, Mark Brierley, Peter Davidson, May Hom, Julian Lewis, Jeremy Till, Sarah Wigglesworth, David Turnbull, Jeff Kipnis, Alejandro Zaera-Polo A(TOPOS) 132 mins
view 6/5/1994 JENCKS, Charles Architecture and Complexity: Complexity and Post-Modernism 1/7 96 mins

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