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  Date Name Title Run time
view 17/3/1995 Michael Ellison, Marc Treib, Jeff Kipnis, James Corner Recovery of the Landscape 1/5 95 mins
view 17/3/1995 Christophe Girot, Adriaan Geuze Recovery of the Landscape 2/5 86 mins
view 17/3/1995 Alan Balfour, Denis Cosgrove, Adrian Hemming Recovery of the Landscape 3/5 90 mins
view 17/3/1995 Georges Descombes, James Corner Recovery of the Landscape 4/5 83 mins
view 17/3/1995 VARIOUS Recovery of the Landscape 5/5 34 mins
view 16/2/1995 FRAZER, John The Generation Of Form & An Evolutionary Architecture 120 mins
view 10/2/1995 Gorden Pask, Adrian Bell, William Mitchell Computer and Architecture 55 mins
view 7/2/1995 ADAMS, Parveen Contemporary Investigations: Operation Orlan 82 mins
view 6/2/1995 PASK, Gordon On Consciousness 60 mins
view 2/2/1995 TUOMEY, John Young Irish Practices 87 mins
view 1/2/1995 LESSER, Mike Genetic Process 78 mins
view 25/1/1995 ITO, Toyo An Architecture of Light 67 mins

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