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  Date Name Title Run time
view 21/10/1977 ISOZAKI, Arata Arata Isozaki at the AA 43 mins
view 6/11/2009 VARIOUS Archigram - First Works: Emerging Architectural Experimentation of the 1960s and 1970s 60 mins
view 27/4/1982 PORTMAN, John Architect as Developer 70 mins
view 28/2/2013 Geoff Manaugh, Mark Smout and Laura Allen Architect Explorers: Land Use Taxonomy / Landscape Transformation 92 mins
view 12/2/1976 ERSKINE, Ralph Architects on Architecture 147 mins
view 18/1/2011 WEINSTOCK, Michael Architectural Agendas 21C: EmTech Jury Keynote Lecture 69 mins
view 3/11/2004 ALLFORD, Simon Architectural Education Symposium: Accreditation 55 mins
view 28/10/2004 CARL, Peter/ John TUOMEY Architectural Education Symposium: Assessment and External Examining 88 mins
view 5/11/2004 HADID, Zaha Architectural Education Symposium: Closing Lecture 64 mins
view 2/11/2004 BATES, Don Architectural Education Symposium: Degrees, Units and Half Measures 67 mins
view 4/11/2004 FIORI, Jorge/Robert MAXWELL/Brett STEELE Architectural Education Symposium: Graduate Education 75 mins
view 26/10/2004 KIPNIS, Jeff Architectural Education Symposium: My Thoughts on . . . Architectural Education 61 mins

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