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  Date Name Title Run time
view 24/1/1996 MIRMIRAN, Hadi A New Movement in the Architectural Tradition of Iran 47 mins
view 23/1/1996 VARIOUS Graduate Design Presentations 1/2 120 mins
view 23/1/1996 VARIOUS Graduate Design Presentation 2/2 120 mins
view 22/1/1996 ZAGO, Andrew After the Profession 93 mins
view 17/1/1996 SHEPHEARD, Paul M 64 mins
view 16/1/1996 TZONIS, Alexander North American Architecture since 1960: From populism to dirty realism 91 mins
view 10/1/1996 WILSON, Elizabeth Subjectivity, Gender and Unknown Space 80 mins
view 7/12/1995 MURCUTT, Glen Australian Practices 108 mins
view 7/12/1995 Bill Watts, Max Fordha, Julian Feary Technology in Practice: The Art Gallery 54 mins
view 5/12/1995 STANTON, Alan and WILLIAMS, Paul Rationality and Intuition 92 mins
view 29/11/1995 KOOLHAAS, Rem S,M,L,XL 78 mins
view 29/11/1995 RIEGLER, Florian & RIEWE, Roger Conditioned Openess 60 mins

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