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  Date Name Title Run time
view 22/5/1996 BAIRD, George A New Theory Of Public Space 81 mins
view 16/5/1996 SHONFIELD, Katherine On Smearing: These Walls Have Feelings 54 mins
view 16/5/1996 WILSON, Richard Secret Rendezvous: Room Service 72 mins
view 15/5/1996 SENNETT, Richard The Organic City 73 mins
view 14/5/1996 TARRAS, Olga City Landscape 93 mins
view 10/5/1996 COUSINS, Mark Damage: And the Devil 1/7 42 mins
view 8/5/1996 PAWSON, John John Pawson 65 mins
view 1/5/1996 BOR, Walter Planning in Prague: Past, Present & Future 76 mins
view 30/4/1996 SAUERBRUCH, Matthias Recent Works 93 mins
view 29/4/1996 METZSTEIN, Isi & Andy MACMILLAN Themes and Variations: Gillespie, Kidd, and Coia 95 mins
view 23/4/1996 ROBBRECHT, Paul & DEAM, Hilde Katoen Natie, Antwerp, Architectural Interventions 105 mins
view 22/3/1996 COLOMINA, Beatriz Modern Architecture and War 82 mins

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