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  Date Name Title Run time
view 25/4/1997 Chrissie Iles, Michael Newman, Judith Goddard Architecture 2: Repetition 1/2 36 mins
view 24/4/1997 LIBESKIND, Daniel Out//Of=History 88 mins
view 22/4/1997 GRAHAM, Dan Pergola 3 mins
view 22/4/1997 GRAHAM, Dan Architecture2 116 mins
view 13/4/1997 HUNT, Anthony Engineer and Construction: Diploma TS 80 mins
view 11/3/1997 KRISCHANITZ, Adolf Architecture is the Difference Between Architecture 85 mins
view 10/3/1997 SHEPEARD, Paul The Cultivated Wilderness 60 mins
view 5/3/1997 ROBBINS, Edward Space, Spatiality and Postmodernity: Myths and Mystification 85 mins
view 4/3/1997 BEHNISCH, Gunter Building for the New Art Academy in Berlin 93 mins
view 3/3/1997 CHIPPERFIELD, David Recent Work 95 mins
view 28/2/1997 WENTWORTH, Richard Repatriating the Fig 67 mins
view 28/2/1997 COUSINS, Mark Conservation: Victims And Politics 11/15 65 mins

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