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  Date Name Title Run time
view 13/3/1999 Laura Mulvey, Stuart Hall, Isaac Julien, Claudia Roden, Roland Muldoon London: Post-Colonial City 4/6 91 mins
view 13/3/1999 Paul Hirst, Lesley Lokho, Michael Hibbert, Michael Keith, Mohsen Mostafavi London: Post-Colonial City 5/6 78 mins
view 13/3/1999 Colin MacCabe, Linton Kwezi Johnson London: Post-Colonial City 6/6 27 mins
view 12/3/1999 Paul Gilroy, Doreen and Neville Lawrence, Catherine Yass London: Post-Colonial City 1/6 76 mins
view 11/3/1999 LEEUWEN, T van The Springboard in the Pond 44 mins
view 5/3/1999 HATOUM, Mona Recent Work 67 mins
view 2/3/1999 MORAVANSZKY, Akos Excavations in Atectonic Culture 100 mins
view 26/2/1999 WILSON, Richard Presentation: Pipe Dreams 24 mins
view 24/2/1999 BATTY/ MCGRATH/ BOURDAKIS Digital Tsunami: VR and the City 93 mins
view 22/2/1999 LATOUR, Bruno Panopticon - Oligopticon: A Sociological Vision of Paris, the Invisible City 54 mins
view 19/2/1999 PHAOPHANIT, Vong Work from the last five years 70 mins
view 17/2/1999 CHAPLIN, Sarah/Avon HUXOR/ Kate MCCLUSKY Digital Tsunami: VR and Architecture 70 mins

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