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  Date Name Title Run time
view 19/5/2000 WODICZKO, Krzysztof Presentation: Maeda Artist Workshop 90 mins
view 17/5/2000 RITCHIE, Ian 40 And Other Recent Investigations 94 mins
view 16/5/2000 LARRANAGA, Enrique On Limits as Links: Carlos Raul Villanueva 90 mins
view 12/5/2000 RYU, Choon-Soo Different Architecture, Different Contexts 96 mins
view 9/5/2000 DIXON, Jeremy and Edward JONES The Theatre is not an Art Gallery 104 mins
view 8/5/2000 BUSQUETS, Joan Urban Values: The Potential of Large-Scale Sites 76 mins
view 24/3/2000 WALLACE, Ian My Heroes in the Street 76 mins
view 21/3/2000 MACFARLANE, Tim/James CARPENTER From the Small to the Conspicuous/ The Structure of Transparency 90 mins
view 20/3/2000 THEODOROU, Maria Athens 2000 AD: Forensic Spacescape 84 mins
view 18/3/2000 HVATTUM, Mari and Gordana KOROLIJAS Gottfried Semper Today 1/4 92 mins
view 18/3/2000 Thomas Duda, Herzog and de Meuron, John Outram Gottfried Semper Today 2/4 93 mins
view 18/3/2000 Andrew Benjamin, Bernard Cache Gottfried Semper Today 3/4 96 mins

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