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  Date Name Title Run time
view 8/6/2001 VARIOUS Getting it Right: Landscape Detailing for Historic Parks & Gardens 4/8 70 mins
view 5/6/2001 CHIPPERFIELD, David Tradition & Invention 99 mins
view 1/6/2001 STEINER, Wendy The Trouble With Beauty 86 mins
view 1/6/2001 DIPLOMA 10 Three Centres Of Change In London: The Junction And Existing Physical Structures. 32 mins
view 30/5/2001 FARRELL, Terry 10 Cities 110 mins
view 29/5/2001 ROMITO, Lorenzo (Stalker) Tactics For Entropic Environments 91 mins
view 25/5/2001 LANGLANDS & BELL Ben Langlands and Nikki Bell Talk About Their Work 65 mins
view 24/5/2001 BUNSCHOTEN, Raoul Urban Flotsam: Stirring The City 59 mins
view 23/5/2001 VAUDEVILLE, Bernard RFR in Paris: Continuing the Work of Peter Rice 89 mins
view 21/5/2001 OTTO, Frei The Work of Frei Otto: Architecture and Natural Sciences 110 mins
view 18/5/2001 KAWAMATA, Tadashi Lodging London/Tokyo 104 mins
view 11/5/2001 Mohsen Mostafavi, David Curtis, Al Rees, After the Diagram: Performative Notations in Architecture, Dance, Film and Music 1/2 76 mins

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