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  Date Name Title Run time
view 31/10/2003 Peter Macapia, Donald Kunze, Renée Tobe, Kathryn Brown, Hugh Campbell The Intimate Metropolis 6/11 80 mins
view 31/10/2003 Ligia Nobre, Irne Scalbert, Ann-Marie Brennan, Brian McGrath The Intimate Metropolis 4/11 67 mins
view 30/10/2003 BROOKS, H Allen Frank Lloyd Wright 3/6 58 mins
view 29/10/2003 BROOKS, H Allen Frank Lloyd Wright 2/6 71 mins
view 28/10/2003 BROOKS, H Allen Frank Lloyd Wright 1/6 84 mins
view 21/10/2003 AOKI, Jun Circulation Bodies 108 mins
view 16/10/2003 SHEPHEARD, Paul Artificial Love: An Evening of Machines and Architecture 101 mins
view 15/10/2003 Richard MacCormac, Antoni Malinowski, Michael Nyman Musical Spectrum - A Conversation 90 mins
view 14/10/2003 CAMINADA, Gion Regarding the Utility of Architecture 96 mins
view 30/5/2003 WEISS, Allen S. Ten Theses on Monsters and Monstrosity 55 mins
view 20/5/2003 BOUMAN, Ole Architecture and Publishing: Convergent Practices 86 mins
view 19/5/2003 HADID, Zaha New Work 97 mins

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