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  Date Name Title Run time
view 29/5/2019 Amnesty International Urbicide in Syria - Use of explosive weapons in urban environments, and how to deal with the consequences 73 mins
view 9/5/2019 Gabu Heindl Radical Democracy and Architecture. Politics, Positions, Planning 98 mins
view 8/5/2019 Amnesty International Syria's destruction and reconstruction: consolidating power or pursuing recovery? 94 mins
view 29/4/2019 Amnesty International Looking for clues in the rubble of Raqqa - How the “most precise air campaign in history” left Raqqa the most destroyed city in modern times 65 mins
view 7/3/2019 Hugh Broughton in conversation with Giulia Foscari & Francesco Bandarin (AA Polar Lab Directors) The extreme challenge of building in Antarctica 90 mins
view 5/3/2019 Marina Otero Verzier and Nick Axel, with Maria S. Giudici, Ayesha Hameed & Eva Franch Work, Body, Leisure. On architecture and automation 100 mins
view 4/3/2019 Madelon Vriesendorp, Jan Willem Petersen, and Gurminder K. Bhambra; chaired by Florian Idenburg & Manijeh Verghese Exodus 0 mins
view 1/3/2019 Organised by Space Popular (Lara Lesmes & Fredrik Hellberg) & James Taylor-Foster Architecture of the Immersive Internet 0 mins
view 28/2/2019 Léopold Lambert Weaponised Architecture: Towards a Revolutionary Practice of the Discipline 0 mins
view 26/2/2019 Julian Leinhard New Hybrids 0 mins
view 25/2/2019 Rory Hyde, Harriet Harriss and Eva Franch Critical Practice: Affording Risk 0 mins
view 14/2/2019 Frances Morris From Canon to Community: shifting priorities at Tate Modern 0 mins

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