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  • Out of print, unavailable for purchase. Refer to AA Library (aaschool.ac.uk/library), British Library (bl.uk), RIBA Library (architecture.com) Jennifer Bloomer . . . and Venustas Peter Eisenman Max Reinhardt Haus, Berlin Robin Middleton Sickness, Madness and Crime as the Grounds of Form Mark Girouard, Sir Denys Lasdun and Myfanwy Piper J. M. Richards 1907–1992 Augustin Berque […]

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  • Colin St John Wilson ‘The Other Tradition’ Introduction by Mark Linder Two buildings by Scogin Elam and Bray Robin Middleton Sickness, Madness and Crime as the Grounds of Form Alexandra Wedgwood Soane’s Law Courts at Westminster Reykjavik City Hall / House in Wiesbaden Two buildings by Studio Granda and an essay by Gudjón Bjarnason Jane […]

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Exhibition and Book Reviews

  • Robin Evans When the Vanishing Point Disappears Critique by Kenneth Frampton Lisson Gallery, London, Tony Fretton Architekturbüro Bolles-Wilson & Partner Office Building, Münster / Kronprinzenbrücke, Berlin David Dunster  The City as Autodidact – The Chicago Plan of 1909 Shin Egashira, introduction by Andrew Holmes The English House Irénée Scalbert Ivry-sur-Seine Town Centre Peter Carl  Ornament […]

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  • Andrew Saint  Some thoughts About the Architectural Use of Concrete Macdonald & Salter  Thai Fish Restaurant, Tokyo Francesco Venezia  Theatre at Gibellina / Urban Renewal of S. Pietro a Patierno Peter Beard Work in Progress Tomás Horava  Prague Herbert Lachmeyer, Christian Gargerle, Géza Hajós The Grand Hotel Tom Heneghan & Inga Dagfinnsdottir with Kazuhiro Ando […]

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Exhibition and Book Reviews

  • Andrew Saint  Some Thoughts About the Architectural Use of Concrete Toru Ogata  Archive on the Po Delta Wiel Arets and Wim van den Bergh Recent Work Martin Pawley High-Tech Architecture History vs. The Parasites Future Systems Recent Work David Watkin Frank Lloyd Wright & The Guggenheim Museum Royston Landau The History of Modern Architecture that […]

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  • John Hejduk Alvin Boyarsky 1928–1990 Beatriz Colomina Intimacy and Spectacle Steen Eiler Rasmussen First Impressions of London Jonathan Adams Three Projects by Will Alsop Rik Niks La Campagne Competition for the Battle of Waterloo Site Nicholas Penny Architecture, Space, Figure and Narrative Diane Lewis Bones and Skin Caroline Constant The Barcelona Pavilion as Landscape Garden […]

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Exhibition and Book Reviews

  • Anthony Vidler The Building in Pain Ron Herron Imagination Building Michael Gold Recent Projects Cedric Price Talks at the AA Robin Middleton Boullée and the Exotic Yago Conde & Bea Goller Boxing Le Corbusier / Magic Fountain, Barcelona, Yago Conde Robin Evans Mies van der Rohe’s Paradoxical Symmetries Exhibition and Book Reviews

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  • Marida Talamona, Wiel Arets & Wim van den Bergh, Yehuda Safran, Curzio Malaparte Villa Malaparte Catherine Cooke ‘A Picnic by the Roadside, or Work in Hand for the Future?’ Caroline Elam Sabbioneta Bernard Tschumi Three Competition Entries Peter Wilson The Aesthetics of Emptiness Ian Jeffrey Photography – Representing the Present Exhibition and Book Reviews

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  • Out of print, unavailable for purchase. Refer to AA Library (aaschool.ac.uk/library), British Library (bl.uk), RIBA Library (architecture.com) Shin Takamatsu T he Kyoto Origins of Non-Conceptual Form John Onians A Critique of Renaissance Historiography Elizabeth Diller and Ricardo Scofidio The Withdrawing Room Jitomir Theodoro da Silva Rino Levi and the Evolution of Brazilian Modernism Andrew Sanders […]

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Reyner Banham 1922–1988

  • Gavin Stamp Henry-Russell Hitchcock 1903–1987 Introduction by Peter Buchanan Three Dutch Architects – Herman Hertzberger, Koen van Velsen, Rem Koolhaas Photographs by Max Kozloff ‘Picturing Something Darkened That is Ordinarily Too Light’ The Wilson Partnership & Chassay Wright Blackburn House, Hampstead Reyner Banham 1922–1988 Ben van Berkel and Caroline Bos Flights of Science – The […]

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