Claudio Campanile, MSc

Course Tutor, Landscape and Urbanism, AA Graduate School

Professional qualifications

ARB charted architect Italian Engineers Board - Livorno office


Claudio Campanile is an engineer and computational designer. His main interest relies on developing computational tools and integrated pipelines to synthesise complexity within design problems. Namely, within the domain of complex geometries, structural systems and digital manufacturing to deliver innovative design technology models for the built environment.After having experienced jobs in China and the UK, Claudio obtained his MSc in the Emergent Technologies and Design programme at the AA School of Architecture.


2017, Elif Erdine, Alexandros Kallegias, Angel Lara Moreira, Alican Sungur, Claudio Campanile, AA Summer DLAB, Robotic IFS pavilion

Installations and Constructions

2017, The EmTech Studio course, Timber Expo, Entwine - Design/Build Pavilion


2015, Claudio Campanile, Francesco Leccese, Michele Rocca, Giacomo Salvadori , IBPSA 2015 - Italy, Exploiting daylight availability

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