Andrea Bagnato, MSc, MA

Diploma Course Tutor, History and Theory Studies, AA Undergraduate School

Professional qualifications

Architects Register (The Netherlands); Ordine degli Architetti (Italy)

Research Interest

Intersections of architecture with environmental and medical history; urban planning in colonial and totalitarian contexts; critical approaches to domesticity.


Andrea Bagnato is an architect, researcher and book editor. He studied at TU Delft and Goldsmiths, and has worked as publications manager for the first Chicago Architecture Biennial and as project manager for Tomás Saraceno. He has edited the book "SQM: The Quantified Home" (with Space Caviar; Lars Müller, 2014) and is currently finishing "A Moving Border: Alpine Cartographies of Climate Change" (with Marco Ferrari and Elisa Pasqual; Columbia/ZKM, 2019). He runs “Terra Infecta,” a long-term research project about architecture and epidemiology, which has been supported by The New Institute and the Graham Foundation.


2019, Marco Ferrari, Elisa Pasqual, Andrea Bagnato, A Moving Border: Alpine Cartographies of Climate Change, Columbia Books on Architecture and the City

2018, Andrea Bagnato, Anna Positano, Arrivederci ad Arborea, Migrant Journal, 5

2017, Andrea Bagnato, Microscopic Colonialism, e-flux architecture

2014, Joseph Grima, Tamar Shafrir, Andrea Bagnato, SQM: The Quantified Home, Lars Mueller Publishers


2018, Andrea Bagnato, Anna Positano, The Heritage of Colonial and Fascist Architecture, Arborea: the Invention of Nature in Sardinia, KKH Stockholm/Manifesta 12

2018, Andrea Bagnato, Circulation(s), Colonialism and Contagion, Goldsmiths, University of London

2017, Andrea Bagnato, Marco Ferrari, Territory, Law and the Anthropocene, A Moving Border , University of Warwick

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