Francesco Anselmo, PhD

Course Lecturer - Diploma TS4, Technical Studies, AA Undergraduate School Course Lecturer - Diploma TS5, Technical Studies, AA Undergraduate School

Professional qualifications


Research Interest

Daylighting design Lighting design Lighting simulation Weather and climate analysis Parametric design Physical computing Interaction design Internet of Things Artificial intelligence and machine learning


Francesco’s extensive experience is backed by a PhD in Environmental Physics, with a strong emphasis on sustainability, daylighting analysis and lighting design. Francesco is an expert user of lighting simulation and visualisation systems and actively develops computer tools for lighting design, building simulation, interaction design and building information modelling. Since joining Arup, he has been involved in architectural lighting design and daylighting design for a broad range of national and international projects. His strong technical background, programming skills and interest for integration between the human experience of light and the user interface of lighting installations have stimulated a personal research that has led him to the exploration of physical computing, the design of media façades and interactive visual artworks and the application of circadian strategies to lighting design. Francesco’s passion for lighting drives him to explore how light and user interaction can positively influence people’s experience of architecture.


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2013, F. Anselmo and J. Mardaljevic, Daylight & Architecture, 19

2013, F. Anselmo and J. Mardaljevic, Daylight & Architecture, 19

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