Arantza Ozaeta Cortazar,

Course Master, Intermediate 4, AA Undergraduate School

Professional qualifications

COAM (Royal college of architects in Madrid, Spain)

Research Interest

INTERMEDIATE 4 ambition is the detection of areas of opportunity within a constantly changing European environment, and the development of a set of operative tools for a generation of architects that must seamlessly respond to it. Contemporary Architect -as implacable strategist- requires understanding their role in re-shaping current understandings of consumption. By exploring this reality and immersed in the highly speculative environment of our Unit, we imagine and build up possible and immediate drifts of the today where fiction and reality collides, pulling our work till its limits in terms of precision, fantasy and innovation. INTER4 collects, registers and learns from the dynamics of ‘what is’ and ‘what is not’, reveals and speculates on the emergency of ‘what is being’, and so explores and builds up the extraordinarily of ‘what may be’ and ‘what may not be’. We work as in a Laboratory, where creativity is a result of experimentation. We take risks without fear of mistakes: launch and discard hypotheses as opposed to collecting and relating data. Launching them towards the future, our projects assume their own transformation, adaptability and dynamism. INTER4 production is based on the construction of new relationships among discoveries and argumentations. We do believe that inhabiting is not only construction but also adaptation; not only building up but also placing; not only enlargement but also dismantling. Following these aims, we are building up the Unit identity as a meeting point for Architects, Ecologists, Researchers, Artists and Artisans.


Arantza Ozaeta and Alvaro M Fidalgo head the architecture office TallerDE2 since 2008 [ ], now renamed SOFT (Studio Ozaeta Fidalgo) which makes an on-going commitment to research and knowledge, both in training and innovative practice. They do research on contemporary cultures pursuing the materialization of unusual discoveries. Their work has international scope, been recognized, published and awarded on several occasions. Their work is mainly developed between Spain, Germany, Italy and UK, where they combine professional activities with academic and research ones. They studied architecture at TU Delft of The Netherlands and at Madrid Polytechnic ETSAM. They have been teaching at the Architectural Association London (Inter4 2016/17, AASS 2016-2015-2014-2013), Politecnico di Milano (Italy), Hochschule Coburg University of Applied Sciences (Germany), FCU (Taiwan), Ural State Technical University of Ekaterimburg (Russia), and the Architectural Polytechnic University of Madrid (Spain), where currently teach as Associate Professor. Arantza Ozaeta and Alvaro Martín completed work covers from Urban Regeneration Masterplans (Europan 9, Germany) to Public Facilities (Haus der Tagesmütter, Selb); from Ephemeral Urban Installations (Green Cave, Bilbao) to Domestic Spaces (The Meeting House, Zamora), from Industrial Architecture (ITV-Motto, La Rioja) to Refurbishment with Furniture Infill (The POP-UP House, Madrid). Among their awards, they have received the German ‘Bauwelt Prize 2013-First Works’; Finalists at the ‘XII Spanish Architecture and Urbanism Biennale 2013’; the prize ‘Architects Professional Association of Madrid-Luis M. Mansilla’ as the Best foreign project made by a Spanish office abroad. In 2015 their work has been selected for ‘Architectus Omnibus-Goethe Institute & Casa Cervantes’ to be exhibited in Berlin, and for ‘Export-Spanish Architecture Abroad’ in Madrid. The Spanish magazine ‘Arquitectura Viva’ has selected them as "one of the eight most representative young Spanish studios", and director Arantza Ozaeta was shortlisted “Emerging woman of the year 2014” from the British magazine AJ.


2013, ARTURO FRANCO, ANTONIO JUAREZ, ARANTZA OZAETA, FERNANDO RODRIGUEZ (Coeditors), Matterscapes: a Taxonomy for conditions of material organization, Editorial Mairea Libros, TRLab 01, 01
This publication is a compillation of the work developed in the Master "Contemporary Aspects of Architecture Materiality" of the Architecture Design Department at the ETSAM. Arantza is the co-editor of this volume as well as author of the chapters: "Form", "Aspects of Form" and Authors Biographies.

Installations and Constructions

2008-2014, Arantza Ozaeta, Alvaro Martin, Julio de la Fuente and Natalia Gutierrez, Urban Master Plan in Selb
Strategy of urban acupuncture for a shrinking city in Germany, that includes the construction of a set of public equipments: Daycare Center, Youth Hostel, Social Club and Experimental Dwellings for young families. This projects have been recognized, published and awarded on multiple occasions.

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