Ana Araujo, PhD

Unit Master, Intermediate 2, AA Undergraduate School

Professional qualifications


Research Interest

Psychoanalysis Feminism


Ana Araujo is an architect, teacher and researcher. She graduated and practiced in Brazil prior to completing a PhD at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, in 2009. As a practising architect, Ana has specialised mainly on residential projects. As a researcher, she was the curator and designer of the exhibition ‘Lina & Gio: the last humanists’, held at the AA in 2012, exploring the relationship of the work of Italian architect Gio Ponti and Italo-Brazilian architect Lina Bo Bardi. She has lectured and published internationally, including The Journal of Architecture and a recent book entitled 'Poetic Biopolitics: Practices of Relation in Architecture and the Arts' (ed. Peg Rawes/IBTauris) . Ana has taught in various architecture schools in Brazil and the UK before starting to work as a tutor at the AA in 2010. Her main interests are on the crossovers between architecture and feminism, psychoanalysis and theories of subjectivity. She is currently writing a book on the work of American designer Florence Knoll.


2016, Peg Rates, Stephen Loo and Timothy Mathews, Poetic Biopolitics: practices of relation in architecture and the arts, IB Tauris
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