Diploma Honours 2018/19

AA Diploma Honours is the AA's highest award. Each Summer Term exceptional Diploma School students are chosen to present for Honours awards, which are given to the student or students who achieve an exceptionally high standard in the academic year. Those awarded Diploma Honours then exhibit their work early in the next academic year.

Lola Conte, Diploma 3

Field-notes from the place of Law

Digital and communication technologies are proliferating throughout the UK justice system, breaching, in the process, the physical boundaries of the court. Far from banal, the implementation of technology is effectively altering the pace of the trial, the interactions, the rituals, and the ways in which justice is enacted and experienced by its various actors.

Lola Conte in AA Conversations


Caroline Esclapez, Diploma 14

OCCUPY: A user’s manual for the occupation of public space

Occupy is a project of maintenance, care and access to knowledge. The project provides a set of tools to re-think our relationship with the city and its resources. Using the public sphere as an arena of deliberation and political participation is a fundamental element of democratic governance and culture. The crisis of representative democracy that we see across Europe today is therefore inherently linked to the crisis of public space. Where all agency is lost – a redefinition of what it means to be public today must be found.

Caroline Esclapez in AA Conversations


Eva Ibáñez Fuertes, Diploma 4


Design or Default is an integrated protocol to establish a carbon capture scheme in Scotland. It demonstrates the socioeconomic potential of peatland landscapes to operate as carbon sequestration machines.

Eva Ibáñez Fuertes in AA Conversations


Samuel Little, Diploma 18

Universal Frames Headquarters

My project is a viable strategy to build a dispersed UK industry for the reuse of structural steel. A project with rich social and cultural ambition as well as environmental.

Dalia Frontini Matsuura in AA Conversations



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