Diploma Honours 2015/16

AA Diploma Honours is the AA's highest award. Each Summer Term exceptional Diploma School students are chosen to present for Honours awards, which are given to the student or students who achieve an exceptionally high standard in the academic year. Those awarded Diploma Honours then exhibit their work early in the next academic year.

Christopher Johnson, Diploma Unit 1

Shadow of an Approaching City

there is a city where the word ‘regeneration’ rings in the air. declared. shouted. whispered. sighed. it lingers like a sweet aroma, whetting palates and lubricating fountain pens. impending above parched neighborhoods and blighted industry til’ in an instant, a flash rives their centers with violent and instantaneous transformations upon the utterance of the word.(1) in the same city, hangs atmospheres of fading histories. loitering, partly digested traces, ruminating, chewing the cud of reminiscence. idle. inert. their voices blended and fused in clouded silence.(2)

Christopher in AA Conversations


Lorenzo Perri, Diploma Unit 5

BREWING DEMOCRACY – The Assembly of Le Balai Citoyen in Ouagadougou

Burkina Faso means “The Land of Free Man” in Moorè, but for the past 30 years the country has been under a strict military regime. Politicians formed a sterile opposition, and civilians had absolutely no role. A democratic process has now begun and the activists of Le Balai Citoyen meet the Dolotières – women exclusively in charge of the dolo brewing ritual – to create a communal arena, where the production and consumption of beer supports political emancipation.

Lorenzo in AA Conversations


Maridia Kafetzopoulou, Diploma Unit 9

The Crack in the Wall

‘The Crack in the Wall’ approaches architecture as an entity that does not sit in isolation but rather holds the power of continuous transformation.

The project addresses ‘The Architect as Project’, and we as Architects never work in isolation. Buildings are designed and built as a series of fragments, referencing multiple scales and materials, with architects continually dealing with different scenarios.

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Panagiotis Demiris, Diploma Unit 14

THE THEATRE & THE BAY &ndash A proposal for the Greek coast

The land was reflected in the bay and in the form of a reversed theatre; it poured itself back into the water.

The project deals with the destructive forces of tourism in Greece and proposes a sustainable alternative in the area of the Saronic Gulf. It is a territory of extreme historical significance, exceptional landscapes and ecosystems, however, a large number of unsystematic layouts of public and private use have fragmented its coastline.

Panagiotis in AA Conversations



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