AA student work is the School’s greatest asset. In recognition of this, the AA awards prizes and distinctions at all levels. The list of prizes for the end of each academic year is announced at the Graduation Ceremony preceding the opening of Projects Review. In 2017/18 the prizes were awarded as follows:


Alex Stanhope Forbes Prize

This prize is for work in the field of colour and named for William Alexander Stanhope Forbes, a ‘brilliant student’ at the AA who ‘excelled as a colourist’.

Patricia de Souza Leao Muller, Diploma Unit 12, Fifth Year

Brian Henderson Prize

This award looks to celebrate and acknowledge the abiding artistry and vision associated with the hand-drawn architectural image. It has been set up in memory of Brian Henderson, who was instrumental in establishing the Architectural Association Foundation in 1989.

Esther Brizard, Intermediate Unit 10, Third Year

Dennis Sharp Prize

Established in 2010 in memory of Dennis Sharp, the prize celebrates the craft of architectural writing and critique and is awarded for outstanding writing in the Diploma School.

Emily Priest, Diploma Unit 14, Fifth Year

Jacek Rewinski, Diploma Unit 14, Fifth Year

Cheuk Ting Jane Wong , Diploma Unit 15, Fifth Year

Denys Lasdun Award for Excellence in Architecture

Awarded at 3rd Year level in memory of Denys Lasdun, for work considered to be of outstanding merit

Theodora Giovanazzi, Intermediate Unit 15, Third Year

Henry Florence Studentship

This prize was established in 1916 in the name of the AA President from 1878-9. Henry Florence is known for building hotels, among them the Connaught in Mayfair, W1.

Shawn Yu-Hsiang Wang, Diploma Unit 1, Fourth Year

Henry Saxon Snell Prize

This prize was established in 1909 ‘to encourage a study of the design and construction of hospitals, and of convalescent homes'.

Sebastian Tiew, Diploma Unit 12, Fifth Year

Holloway Trust Prize

This award was set up by Sir Henry Holloway for work relating to the building industry.

Efe Gole, Intermediate Unit 3, Second Year

Howard Colls Studentship

This award comes from a bequest made in 1911, for the best drawings at the end of 4th Year.

Sahir Patel, Diploma Unit 4, Fourth Year

Julia Wood Foundation Prize

This prize was established in 2004 in recognition of Julia Wood’s dedication and contribution to the success of the Foundation Course at the AA

Danya Gittler & Ferial Massoud (jointly), Foundation Year

Nicholas Pozner Memorial Fund Prize for Single Best Drawing

This prize was established in 2009 in memory of AA Graduate Nicholas Pozner. It was set up in tribute to Nick’s talent and the precision and beauty of his drawings.

Eyal Amsili Giovanetti, Diploma Unit 11, Fifth Year

Ralph Knott Memorial Prize

This award was established in 1931 for the benefit of architectural students.

Liam Denhamer, Diploma Unit 5, Fifth Year

William Glover Prize

Established in 1913 for William Glover who was President of the Northern AA from 1899-1901.

Matthew Hepburn, Diploma Unit 17, Fifth Year

AAF Graduate School Prize for Design

Awarded to the exemplary work in Design across all Graduate Programmes

Anri Gyuloyan, Design Research Lab

Elena Puchkova, Design Research Lab

Emre Erdogan, Design Research Lab

AAF Graduate School Prize for Research

Awarded to the exemplary work in Research across all Graduate Programmes

Souraya Kreidieh, Spatial Performance & Design

Jeehyeon Rosa Wang, Spatial Performance & Design

AAF Graduate School Prize for Writing

Awarded to the exemplary work in Writing across all Graduate Programmes

Gili Merin, History and Critical Thinking

David & Beverly Bernstein Award

Annual award for the best final submission within Housing & Urbanism MA and MArch Courses (finishing Oct or Feb), to help disseminate ideas and conclusions contained in their final dissertation that can be of relevance to address housing and urban issues in the developing world.

Lea Haddad, MArch Housing and Urbanism

AAF Travel Award

This award was established in 1881 to enable students to travel and otherwise improve their knowledge of architecture.

Quentin Martin, Intermediate Unit 5, Second Year

Alexander Memorial Travel Prize

H J W Alexander was Secretary of the AA 1937-62. This fund was established to ‘enable students to travel abroad to study architecture’.

Alice Baseian, First Year

Jane Chu Travel Award

This award was set up by AA alumna Margaret Chow both to honour her mother and to enable students to travel.

Nena Aru, Intermediate Unit 6, Third Year

Mike Davies Travel Award

The travel award is for the benefit of a student to fund their travel

Ludvig Holmen, Intermediate Unit 1, Second Year

Peter Sabara Travel Award

This award is to honour the pursuits and endeavors to which Peter was committed, by enabling students to fulfill their passion for travel and learning.

Paul Vecsei, Intermediate Unit 10, Second Year

AA Prize

This prize is awarded annually to the student who has made significant contributions to the AA

Joshua Harskamp, Diploma Unit 14, Fifth Year

Nicholas Boas Travel Scholarship

This travel scholarship, established in memory of former AA student Nicholas Boas (1975-1998) allows AA students to spend three weeks in Rome in July annually, based at the British School in Rome

Maria Brewster, History and Critical Thinking

History and Theory Studies Writing Award

Established in 2012, the HTS Writing Awards for First, Second and Third Year students aim to encourage students to have greater ambitions for their written work

Judi Diab, First Year

Gabrielle Eglen, Intermediate Unit 5, Second Year

Ran Ben Shaya, Intermediate Unit 9, Third Year

Media Studies Annual Prizes

Awarded to the exemplary Media Studies work at First and Second Year levels

Su Yeon Mun, First Year

Maya Kleiman, Intermediate Unit 12, Second Year

Technical Studies 2014/2015

Awarded to the outstanding Techinical Projects at Third and Fifth year levels

Camille Bongard, Intermediate Unit 5, Third Year

Dalia Matsuura, Diploma Unit 16, Fifth Year

Student Choice Diploma Honours

As voted for by the students

Dalia Matsuura, Diploma Unit 16, Fifth Year

Mark Fisher Scholarship

Sean Gwee, Intermediate Unit 5


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