AA student work is the School’s greatest asset. In recognition of this, the AA awards prizes and distinctions at all levels. The list of prizes for the end of each academic year is announced at the Graduation Ceremony preceding the opening of Projects Review. In 2012/13 the prizes were awarded as follows:

Henry Florence Studentship

This annual award was established in 1916 in the name of the AA President 1878–79.
Jongwon Na, Intermediate Unit 1
Tutors, Mark Campbell and Stewart Dodd

Alex Stanhope Forbes Prize

For work in the field of colour
Harikleia Karamali,Diploma Unit 8
Tutors, Eugene Han

AA Travel Studentship

This award was established in 1881 to provide a ‘travelling studentship’ to enable travel in UK or abroad.
Arya Arabshahi, First Year
Head of First Year, Monia De Marchi

Howard Colls Studentship

This award is for best drawings at the end of Fourth Year.
Alexey Marfin, Diploma Unit 6
Tutors, Liam Young, Kate Davies

Alexander Memorial Travel Fund

This award is granted for travel abroad in the name of the Secretary of the AA 1937–1962.
Maria Radjenovic, Diploma Unit 4
Tutor, John Palmesino, Ann-Sofi Rönnskog

William Glover Bequest

This annual prize was established in 1913.
Anton Gorlenko, Intermediate Unit 2
Tutors, Takero Shimazaki and Ana Araujo

Henry Saxon Snell Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 1909 to encourage design and construction of hospitals and convalescent homes.
Nichola Barrington-Leach, Diploma Unit 10
Tutor, Carlos Villanueva Brandt

Ralph Knott Memorial Fund

This award was established in 1931 for the benefit of necessitous architectural students.
Alexandra Savtchenko-Belskaia, Intermediate Unit 2
Tutors, Ana Araujo, Takero Shimazaki

Holloway Trust

This award was set up by Sir Henry Holloway on behalf of Holloway Bros Ltd, 'for the promotion and encouragement of architectural education'.

Charlotte Moe, Diploma Unit 11
Tutors, Shin Egashira

Julia Wood Foundation Prize

This prize was established in 2004 in recognition of Julia Wood’s dedication and contribution to the success of the Foundation Course.
Shou Jian Eng,

AA Prize

For significant contributions to the AA
Eleanor Dodman Diploma Unit 9
Tutors, Natasha Sandmeier

Beverly Bernstein Prize

Established in 2012 in memory of former Registrar Beverly Bernstein and is awarded to the best final submission within Housing and Urbanism MA and MArch Courses
Nitisha Popat, Housing and Urbanism MArch
Tutor, Jorge Fiori

Student Choice Diploma Honours

Student vote for Honours
Eugenie Bliah, Diploma Unit 14
Tutors: Pier Vittorio Aureli, Maria Shéhérazade Giudici

Foster & Partners Prize

This prize is awarded annually to the Fifth Year Diploma student whose portfolio best addresses the themes of sustainability and infrastructure.
Winner: Ioana Girugiu, Diploma Unit 18
Tutors, Enric Ruiz Geli, Pablo Ros, Felix Fassbinder

Nicholas Boas Travel Award

Marko Milovanovic, Diploma Unit 11

Rory Sherlock, Intermediate Unit 9

Nicolas Pozner Prize

The Nicholas Pozner Prize for ‘Single Best Drawing’ is awarded annually in memory of Nick Pozner, as a tribute to the talent and promise he showed during his time at the AA, as reflected in dedication and impressive precision and beauty of his drawings. At the end of each academic year, drawings are selected from across the Undergraduate School during the end of year Reviews, with a final selection made by jury out of a shortlist of entries. The AA is grateful to his family and friends for the inspiration and dedication shown in setting up and supporting this prize of £1000.

Eleanor Dodman
Diploma Unit 9
Tutors, Natasha Sandmeier

Denys Lasdun Award for Excellence in Architecture

Awarded at 3rd Year level in memory of Denys Lasdun, for work considered to be of outstanding merit.

James MakIntermediate Unit 13
Tutors, Miraj Ahmed, Martin Jameson

History and Theory Studies Writing Awards

Established in 2012, the HTS Writing Awards for First, Second and Third Year students aim to encourage students to have greater ambitions for their written work.

Winner for 1st Year - Veronika Janov-cova
Winner for 2nd Year - Alexandra Savtchenko Belskaia
Winner for 3rd Year - Radu Remus Macovei

Dennis Sharp Prize for Excellence in Writing

Established in 2010 in memory of Dennis Sharp the Prize celebrates the craft of architectural writing and critique.

Louise Underhill - Diploma Unit 11

Technical Studies Awards 2013/14

Awarded annually by the Technical Studies Staff following collective assessment at the High Pass Jury of all nominated work.

Best Technical Project in the 3rd Year:
Maya Laitinen, Intermediate Unit 3

Best Technical Thesis in the 5th Year:
Summer Islam, Diploma Unit 11


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