The AA’s Development Department exists to strengthen the school’s position at the forefront of teaching, learning and debate by inspiring active participation, investment and loyalty to the AA. Within the Development Department the emphasis of fundraising for the AA is on nurturing and cultivating mutually beneficial relationships with individuals, organisations, institutions and corporate companies – support and partnership relationships based on sharing the AA vision. One of the AA’s greatest assets is the sense of loyalty and involvement of existing donors in assisting with funding the fullest range of activities.


If you would like to discuss becoming a supporter or sponsor of AA activities, please contact the Development Office on 020 7887 4043 or by email at

Supporting the AA

Supporting the AA is an investment in the future and ensures that the Architectural Association remains at the forefront of architectural teaching and debate. The AA has been independent and self-supporting since its foundation in 1847. A pioneering charitable environment in higher-education, the AA receives no statutory funding for running the school and its associated public programme of events, lectures and exhibitions. The AA relies upon support to maintain its internationally recognised status as one of the most influential schools of architecture in the world. Thanks to the generous contributions of AA members, alumni and friends, the school is able to build on its reputation. To ensure that this continues, additional support for further and ongoing improvement for the school is needed. Every donation, whether large or small, helps the AA to plan for a vibrant and successful future.

Capital Projects

As we approach the school’s centenary in 2017 in its Bedford Square location, we are in the planning stages of a capital campaign. We seek to improve the facilities, attract the best tutors and revolutionise teaching methods in order to retain our reputation as a world leader in architectural education. In the masterplan devised by Wright & Wright, first works include rebuilding the workshops and improving accessibility around the school. Major works to follow include updating the Library and Archive, building a new lecture hall and transforming the main entrance to the school.

AA 2020

The AA 2020 Plan is a ten-year programme of improvements to the 250-year-old buildings that house the AA School, making it larger, more connected and supported than ever before. The project is in the early stages of delivering new teaching, learning and social spaces. Its 2020 completion coincides with the 100th anniversary of the AA Diploma – one of the most prestigious qualifications in architecture.

The plan includes a series of self-contained projects in the AA’s eight buildings on the west side of Bedford Square. In 2011/12 the school opened presentation rooms in 34–36 Bedford Square, as well as a new First Year open studio and A/V, computing and media spaces at 16 Morwell Street. In 2012/13 ‘Via Christina’ opened. This third-floor passage, generously funded by Christina Smith, connects the AA Diploma units to the rest of the school. In 2013/14 the AA looks forward to further transforming the school with a state-of-the-art digital prototyping lab; a South Courtyard public space and fabrication yard; a main lift and openings between buildings; a presentation hall; and a exhibition gallery, entrance, library and additional studios. These projects are only possible through outside sponsorship, donations and support, which the AA actively seeks. For further information please contact the AA President Sadie Morgan or the AA School Director Brett Steele.

What to Support

Unrestricted Donations

Gifts to the school from its members, alumni and friends – no matter how small or large – greatly benefit the AA as they endow the AA's future by providing resources that can be targetted where need is greatest. These gifts to the AA's General Fund give the school the flexibility to fund new initiatives and build its academic programme.

Specific Gifts

The AA welcomes gifts that help fund specific areas of activity of interest to the donor.

Giving to the AA’s Scholarships & Bursaries Programme

The Architectural Association is committed to enabling as many talented students as possible by offering the opportunity to study at its school in London. With the help of donations we will be able to ensure that financial impediments do not prevent the best students from studying at the AA.

Supporting the AA’s Lecture & Exhibition Programme

The AA is committed to providing, for public benefit, a free international lecture and exhibition programme of the highest standard, relating to issues and concerns within and around architecture. This programme aims to deliver pioneering architectural education and stimulating debate to as wide an audience as possible.

Research & Development Fund

Research and development are key components in building the future of the AA. Funding is sought for new initiatives in teaching, ongoing research and for the best equipment to facilitate student learning.

Hooke Park Project

Hooke Park in Dorset provides the Architectural Association with a platform from which to develop groundbreaking educational programmes. All parts of the School use this 350-acre woodland site to explore contemporary issues relating to the environment, sustainability, architecture and the craft of construction. The viability and development of Hooke Park depends upon the establishment of a strong portfolio of funding and resources.

How to Give

Regular Giving

Regular gifts to the Architectural Association allow the school to plan further ahead, in the knowledge that committed alumni and other individuals have pledged their support across the year. Such gifts, via banker’s order or payroll giving, are extremely valuable.

You can make regular gifts to the AA via:

Banker's/Standing Orders

These can be paid at fixed intervals (for example, monthly, quarterly or annually) for a set period of time (for example, five, ten or 20 years) or indefinitely. Banker's/standing orders provide a formal longterm, pledge of support to the AA.

Payroll Giving

This is a means of making a donation directly from your salary before income tax is calculated and deducted. This way you automatically get tax relief at your top rate of tax, and the AA receives the gross value. For example, if you are a basic taxpayer, a monthly gift of £5.00 to the AA would effectively cost you only £3.90. Please contact your own payroll office to enquire whether they participate in Payroll Giving.

Single Gifts

Whether small or large, one-off gifts are also of great benefit to the AA. These can be made by cheque, credit card, Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) card or voucher. Please make all cheques and CAF vouchers payable to the Architectural Association Foundation.


Development Office

T: +44 (0)20 7887 4043

The Architectural Association, Inc. is a Registered Charity Incorporated as a Company limited by guarantee. Registered in England No.171402. Registered office: 36 Bedford Square, London WC1B 3ES, 020 7887 4000

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