Please note that the Audiovisual Department is now operating from 16 Morwell Street Ground Floor

The Audiovisual Department is concerned with display and sound technology, supporting teaching throughout the AA. It lends equipment to staff and students, assists guest speakers presenting lectures, documents public events and maintains a Video Studio within the Computer Lab. Audiovisual (AV) equipment for teaching and the public lecture series is booked through an established procedure. Staff and students should liaise with the relevant coordinator at least one week prior to when the equipment is required. The department is unable to provide support for late or impromptu classes.

Those wishing to borrow equipment (such as video cameras or minidisks) should speak to the AV Manager to check availability and discuss conditions. Not all equipment is available for loan, and insurance may be required for overseas use. Those borrowing equipment from the AV department are fully responsible for its security and care. An agreement form must be signed to this effect. Groups may borrow equipment as part of a well-defined unit project on or off school premises only after discussion with the AV Manager. Students are reminded that loan requests should be made between 2.00 and 5.00, Monday to Friday and that most equipment is lent for a period of two days. Competence and care in the use of any audiovisual equipment is required at all times. Return of equipment can be made from 10.30 and 5.00, Monday to Friday.

The Video Studio is an open area for those undertaking video and sound work. The area is now fully non-linear and based around Mac technology. Courses run within the Media Studies programme allow students to develop skills in this area. For those not able to take these courses, instruction can be found with the AV Manager; those seeking video tuition should contact Joel Newman to arrange tutorials or group sessions.

Outside of teaching times, the area is run on a booking system that allows students to work in a concentrated manner. This area is for video and sound only, and staff and students must be aware that that they may not occupy the area without prior agreement. Unit-based projects (those outside of Media Studies) are possible if arranged in advance; teaching staff should speak to the AV Manager so time can be allotted.

Opening hours
Monday to Friday 10.00 to 6.00
Closed daily from 1.00 to 2.00

T: +44 (0)20 7887 4045

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