This is a comprehensive list of lectures at the AA. Most lectures are available online here or on DVD from the photolibrary. Online lectures can be seen here.

  Date Name Title Run time
view 14/10/2011 Interfaces: Conference Mark Cousins, Shrikant Sharma, Denis Vlieghe, Tasos Varoudis, Jordan Hodgson, Eva Sommeregger, Dietmar Koering 360 mins
view 14/10/2011 KAASA, Adam The Architecture of Citizenship: Mexico City in the 20th Century Int Unit 8, Politics of Fabrication series 0 mins
view 14/10/2011 WODICZKO, Krzysztof War, Conflict, and Art: Projections, Instrumentations, Designs 108 mins
view 13/10/2011 The AA Foster + Partners Prize 2011 Exhibition and Reception 0 mins
view 11/10/2011 DEAN, Tacit In conversation with Marina Warner; introduced and moderated by Mark Cousins 52 mins
view 6/10/2011 Ila Berman, Jonathan Soloman, Jane Bury, Wolf Mangelsdorf, Sophie Le-Bourva, Benjamin Koren, Fabian Scheuer, R.Harman, Anna Winstanley, Bill Zahner X-CHANGE / Independents’ Group Conference - Organised by Alan Dempsey and Jeroen van Ameijde 360 mins
view 6/10/2011 WINSTANLEY, Anna X-CHANGE / Independents’ Group Conference 10/12 14 mins
view 6/10/2011 KOREN, Benjamin X-CHANGE / Independents’ Group Conference 7/12 27 mins
view 6/10/2011 SCHEUER, Fabian X-CHANGE / Independents’ Group Conference 11/12 20 mins
view 6/10/2011 ZAHNER, Bill; DAVIS, Gary X-CHANGE / Independents’ Group Conference 8/12 20 mins
view 6/10/2011 VARIOUS X-CHANGE / Independents’ Group Conference 12/12 45 mins
view 6/10/2011 BERMAN, Ila X-CHANGE / Independents’ Group Conference 2/12 26 mins

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