This is a comprehensive list of lectures at the AA. Most lectures are available online here or on DVD from the photolibrary. Online lectures can be seen here.

  Date Name Title Run time
view 10/7/2013 Comedy Format FORMAT Issue 3 44 mins
view 8/7/2013 Trailer Format FORMAT Issue 3 98 mins
view 4/7/2013 Essay Format FORMAT Issue 3 108 mins
view 2/7/2013 Reality Format FORMAT Issue 3 104 mins
view 2/7/2013 Book Launch New Geographies 5 The Mediterranean: Worlds, Regions, Cities, and Architectures, Edited by Antonio Petrov 0 mins
view 28/5/2013 GANG, Jeanne To Work in America 0 mins
view 10/5/2013 The Grid Conference PhD Event 365 mins
view 7/5/2013 HUNECK, Karsten & Bernd TRUEMPLER Osa – Office for Subversive Architecture: Transgressive Strategies 71 mins
view 3/5/2013 School School Presents The Office: Workucation: Timothy Ivison, James Westcott (OMA/AMO), Shumon Basar and Victoria Camblin 120 mins
view 2/5/2013 School School Presents Artist-Run Schools: Sam Thorne, Ryan Gander, Teresa Gleadowe & LuckyPDF 0 mins
view 1/5/2013 School School Presents The AA: Experiments and Myths: Edward Bottoms, Nicholas Boyarsky, Peter Carl, Shin Egashira, Sam Jacob, Natasha Sandmeier, Brett Steele & Carlos Villanueva Brandt 88 mins
view 1/5/2013 School School Presents The Teacher: Charles Arsène-Henry, Peter Carl, Oscar Guardiola-Rivera & Samantha Hardingham 120 mins

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