This is a comprehensive list of lectures at the AA. Most lectures are available online here or on DVD from the photolibrary. Online lectures can be seen here.

  Date Name Title Run time
view 22/10/2013 British Architecture in Argentina with Viviana Fain-Binda, Sebastian Loew, Richard Nightingale, Jorge Ramos and Diego Trolliet 97 mins
view 21/10/2013 JIMENEZ, Carlos What Can Architecture Do? 71 mins
view 18/10/2013 AA Visiting School Global Summit 2013 0 mins
view 16/10/2013 AURELI, Pier Vittorio A Brief History of Abstraction in Architecture: Design and the Administration of Life - 1/6 81 mins
view 15/10/2013 Marina Lathouri, Christopher Lee, Patrik Schumacher and Brett Steele, moderated by Tom Verebes Masterplanning the Adaptive City: Computational Urbanism in the Twenty-First Century 180 mins
view 14/10/2013 YEANG, Ken Ecoarchitecture: Projects, Theory, Ideas, Subsystems – the work of Ken Yeang 64 mins
view 11/10/2013 SPYROPOULOS, Theodore Adaptive Ecologies 74 mins
view 10/10/2013 LYNN, Greg Conversation about Digital Archaeology with Theo Spyropoulos 90 mins
view 8/10/2013 AA Birthday Party An Extravaganza in Black and White 0 mins
view 26/7/2013 Ruairi Glynn DLAB 2013: BLUE 0 mins
view 23/7/2013 Evan Greenberg DLAB 2013: BLUE 0 mins
view 12/7/2013 Hobsbawm Format FORMAT Issue 3 69 mins

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