This is a comprehensive list of lectures at the AA. Most lectures are available online here or on DVD from the photolibrary. Online lectures can be seen here.

  Date Name Title Run time
view 4/11/2014 Organised by Nannette Jackowski and Ricardo de Ostos Lebbeus Woods: Projecting Realities 133 mins
view 31/10/2014 COUSINS, Mark The Gesture - 1/8 60 mins
view 31/10/2014 Ivor Williams / Being and Dying Open Plan Dying 0 mins
view 28/10/2014 EISENSCHMIDT, Alexander Chicagoism and the Export of Metropolitan Architecture 71 mins
view 27/10/2014 Sam Jacob tbc 0 mins
view 27/10/2014 Ordinary Studio An Ordinary Evening 30 mins
view 21/10/2014 PIMLOTT, Mark, Tony FRETTON Propositions for Things and Places & Buildings and their Territories 103 mins
view 20/10/2014 PRICE, Giles Mega Projects - People and the Place 0 mins
view 16/10/2014 JACOB, Sam A Clockwork Jerusalem: Planning and the British Psyche 0 mins
view 15/10/2014 Ordinary Ltd An Ordinary Evening: Smashing and Putting Back Together. Almost. 0 mins
view 13/10/2014 KING, Julia, Asif KHAN In Conversation 0 mins
view 30/9/2014 Owen Hatherley Across the Plaza 0 mins

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