This is a comprehensive list of lectures at the AA. Most lectures are available online here or on DVD from the photolibrary. Online lectures can be seen here.

  Date Name Title Run time
view 10/3/2016 Andrés Jaque, Office for Political Innovation Architecture as Rendered Society 98 mins
view 4/3/2016 Jorella Andrews Where is called Thinking? 0 mins
view 4/3/2016 COUSINS, Mark Anon: The Architect and His Office 59 mins
view 4/3/2016 Alex Stephany, David Greene, John Palmesino, Harriet Harriss, Fabrizio Ballabio, Ioana Man, Sofia Belenky, mediated by Sahir Patel Pret A Habiter - "Ready to Inhabit" 105 mins
view 3/3/2016 Tom Greenall, David Cohen, Emily Davey and Ed Watson, chaired by Joanna Chambers Housing London: Visions for the Future, Part 2 108 mins
view 2/3/2016 David Nixon International Space Station: Architecture Beyond Earth 0 mins
view 1/3/2016 MIRZA, Haroon Haroon Mirza 63 mins
view 26/2/2016 Mark Cousins - cancelled The Artist and His Brush - This lecture is CANCELLED 0 mins
view 26/2/2016 Joseph Grima, Jack Self, Maria Fedorchenko, Constandis Kizis, Felicity Barbur, Adolfo Del Valle, Tobias Dausgaard, Francesco Catemario di Quadri On the Chicago Biennial - Biennials & Defining Contemporary Architecture and Meaning 105 mins
view 25/2/2016 Chiara Carpenter, Catharine Rossi, Giovanna Silva and Sumitra Upham Space, Electronic: Radical Architecture of the Night 60 mins
view 23/2/2016 Chris Dercon The Little Museum 0 mins
view 23/2/2016 RICUPERATI, Gianluigi 100 Global Minds 67 mins

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