This is a comprehensive list of lectures at the AA. Most lectures are available online here or on DVD from the photolibrary. Online lectures can be seen here.

  Date Name Title Run time
view 14/5/1987 VARIOUS Relativism 5/5 24 mins
view 8/5/1987 SMITHSON, Peter; COOK, Peter; KOOLHAAS, Rem Berlin 750 1/2 99 mins
view 8/5/1987 HADID, Zaha; SCHONING, Pascal Berlin 750 2/2 50 mins
view 5/5/1987 WEBB, Mike Temple Island 59 mins
view 1/5/1987 GRAVES, Michael RIBA Lecture 103 mins
view 18/3/1987 EVANS, Robin Fragmentation and Ambiguity 64 mins
view 11/3/1987 EVANS, Robin Abstraction in Painting, Architecture, Mathematics 70 mins
view 11/2/1987 EVANS, Robin Proportion: Corbusier, His Modulor and His Buildings 123 mins
view 21/1/1987 EVANS, Robin Centrality & The Right-Angle 106 mins
view 15/1/1987 NIXON, David Design for Life in Space 77 mins
view 26/11/1986 FOSTER, Norman Eric Lyons Memorial Lecture 80 mins
view 24/11/1986 ISOZAKI, Arata Recent Works 89 mins

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