This is a comprehensive list of lectures at the AA. Most lectures are available online here or on DVD from the photolibrary. Online lectures can be seen here.

  Date Name Title Run time
view 5/5/2004 Ken Tadashi Oshima, Hiroyuki Suzuki, Hera van Sande Reflections on Japanese Modernism 1/3 88 mins
view 5/5/2004 Arata Isozaki, Peter Cook Reflections on Japanese Modernism 2/3 77 mins
view 5/5/2004 Arata Isozaki, Hiroyuki Suzuki, Peter Cook, Hera van Sande, Ken Tadashi Oshima Reflections on Japanese Modernism 3/3 42 mins
view 4/5/2004 HARRISON, Phil Sony Lecture 63 mins
view 26/3/2004 Tetsuo Furuichi, Noriyaki Tajima, Nobuyuki Nomura ASIA@AA1: THE GROUND PLANE 4/7 69 mins
view 26/3/2004 Kay Ngee Tan, Jason Yeang, Chris Lee, Rene Tan ASIA@AA1: THE GROUND PLANE 5/7 93 mins
view 26/3/2004 Justyna Karakiewicz, Laurence Liauw, Winston Shu ASIA@AA1: THE GROUND PLANE 6/7 77 mins
view 26/3/2004 Ken Yeang, Mohsen Mostafavi, Robert Powell, Paul Hyett ASIA@AA1: THE GROUND PLANE 7/7 81 mins
view 25/3/2004 Geoff Malone, Bernice Chauly, Huat Lim, Adela Askandar ASIA@AA1: THE GROUND PLANE 1/7 128 mins
view 25/3/2004 Yeun Sook Lee, Sohn Joo Minn, Young-se Kim, Michael Keniger ASIA@AA1: THE GROUND PLANE 2/7 97 mins
view 25/3/2004 Duangrit Bunnag, Thomas Kavan, Justyna Karakiewicz, Andrew Tirta. ASIA@AA1: THE GROUND PLANE 3/7 77 mins
view 11/3/2004 MACCABE, Colin Writing Godards Biography 53 mins

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